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Top 5 Benefits of SEM That Businesses Should Leverage

Top 5 Reasons & Benefits of SEM to Start Doing It Today

If you’ve landed on this blog, there are high chances you want to conduct SEM for your business and want to understand if it’s the right choice. 

In this blog, we’re going to explain what SEM is and the benefits of SEM which make it every marketer’s favourite channel. So let’s get started. 

Search engine marketing is running adverts on search engines like google for specific search queries. Let’s suppose a person looks for “best red shoes” on Google. Now if you’re selling this item, you can run an ad on this query. 

Now you already know how great this marketing channel is because most of us turn to google for answers and if we see an ad in the top results, we’re most likely going to click on it. So if you want to start today, take up this IIDE’s Online Google Ads Course which is the best platform to run ads on Google. 

And if you start applying SEM to your business, these are a few benefits you will be enjoying. 

5 Benefits of SEM For Businesses

  • Based On Intent

SEM is highly-intent driven. This means that you’re running ads for queries that are closely or directly related to your offering. This ensures that you’re convincing a person who needs very little persuasion because he already is looking to buy that product. 

And money spent on a person already in the interest stage is money spent well. 

  • Quick Results

Ranking on Google organically is totally possible and a better way by learning SEO. But if you want to show up immediately and get some clicks & traffic instantly, then SEM it is. You could decide the keywords, bid for it, and run ads even at midnight. 

This is one of the most lucrative benefits of SEM because this is one of the most cost-effective ways to get quick results. 

  • Pay Only After Action Is Taken

When displaying ads on several channels, there are many people who will view your ad but very few people who are interested. But you still need to pay for them all. Although, that’s not the case with SEM. 

When you run ads via SEM, your listing will be shown to everyone who is searching for the keyword you bid for, but you will be paying only for the ones who click on the ad and reach your landing page.

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This way, you save a lot of money that could’ve been spent on people who aren’t even interested. Google Ads charges you only after the click and this makes it highly cost-effective.

  • Beat Competitors

A tricky way to beat your competitors without too much effort is to run ads on your competitor’s keywords. Every time a user searches for them, they will be looking at your ad too and now they will consider both the options. 

Even if they don’t click on your ad, it’s a good way to register your brand as a leading competitor in the user’s mind. This strategy is used by a lot of marketers to clock in leads before they go to the competitors but remember, your landing page needs to be very good. 

This is because their intention was to go to the competitor brand first, so now if they have decided to check you out as well, make sure it’s worth it. 

  • Measure Your Efforts

We strongly believe that running campaigns without measuring and tracking results is a half job done. It is very important to track your efforts and see what works for you. This way you can replicate your efforts. 

And more than that, it is vital you know about the campaigns that didn’t work for you. Find out why and make sure you don’t do that again. 

To Conclude, 

These were the top benefits of SEM and also the reasons why all small and large businesses are making use of it extensively. 

In addition to this, you must also know how to run ads on social media because social media platforms are the next big thing. So keep an eye out for this as well. 

With this, we wrap our articles on the top benefits of SEM. You can also check out our blog on the power of keyword research for your business

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Karan Shah

Founder and CEO at IIDE

An ‘Edupreneur’ and the founder of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education.

He is a passionate public speaker and teacher for over 10 years. He has trained over 1,00,000+ students and 25+ corporates in Digital Marketing via online and offline channels. He is a Harvard alumnus specialising in E-commerce. He is a TEDx speaker and is a visiting faculty at India’s top management institutes like the IIMs.

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