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Harness The Power Of Keyword Research For Your Business

Finding the right keyword remains to be the most important element in building successful marketing campaigns and strengthening a business’s presence in the list of Search Engine Results Page (SERPs), and regular keyword research is one of the many SEO services offered by marketing agencies. In addition, accurate keyword research helps in creating, maintaining, and optimising digital marketing campaigns.

The success of keyword research depends on how well you understand both your business and your target market. A successfully carried out keyword research based on popular search query results will help you build strategies and business plans.

What Is Keyword and Keyword Research?

A keyword is a word or string of words that accurately describe the product and services your business offers. Keywords can also be search queries that your target audience may use to type into search engines to find you and your business. Keywords serve as a window to your target audience’s minds as you will learn what they are interested in.

Keyword research is one among the SEO services and it is considered the first and most crucial step in creating an effective SEO marketing campaign and should be your number one priority. Keyword research is what you and your business should be doing because if you have no idea what keywords your target audience is using, how will you increase your online visibility?

Three Types Of Keywords

  1. Short-tail or Head Keywords – three words or shorter and are most often extremely common words
  2. Mid-tail Keywords – the midpoint between head and long-tail keywords and the main focus of most marketing strategies
  3. Long-tail Keywords – highly specific keyword phrases used by those who know exactly what they’re looking for.

Why Is Keyword Research Important For Your Business?

eCommerce has been steadily growing over the past couple of years, and keywords related to it are some of the most researched terms. This means that users are highly interested in these search terms, and your business could use this in digital marketing campaigns. In addition, keyword research would also help you determine which marketing strategies you have in place are successful and which ones are failing. Below is a list of the most crucial reasons why keyword research is important for your business.

  1. Gives You Important Insight Into Your Business – you may know the products you are selling or the services you can provide, but how well do you know your business? By researching the keywords related to your business, you will better understand where your business is headed, how well your target audience is receiving it, and which areas you can still improve on.
  2. Provides Vital Information – knowing your keywords would give you a clear picture of where your business is ranking for keywords, what keywords are topping search for your particular industry and leverage this for your business, and which keywords are being used by your competitors.
  3. Gives You An Insight On What Your Target Audience Wants – knowing top-ranking keywords for your niche would show you what your target audience is interested in and not what you think they want.
  4. Drive Traffic Into Your Website – strategically placed keywords in your content would be able to attract your target audience and increase your conversion rates.

Keyword research is the first and most crucial step in creating any digital marketing campaign. But it doesn’t end once you have your strategies in place; it should be an ongoing process because the digital platform is also consistently changing. Therefore, the team of marketing experts that you hired should frequently check on your keywords and make adjustments based on the results.

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