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4 Basic Content Marketing Services You Should Be Getting

Content marketing is standard fare for fully managed SEO services these days. Any SEO and digital marketing firm not putting time and energy into content marketing isn’t doing right by its customers. Furthermore, there are a number of key services within content marketing that should be standard. Here are four of them:

1. Blog Post Marketing

As far as on-site content is concerned, very few things are as effective as blog content. Blog posts work as marketing tools on multiple levels. For starters, well written blog posts offer visitors relevant information they can actually use. They inform, entertain, instruct, and guide.

Second, blog posts written with SEO in mind drive organic traffic. Website owners need that traffic to bring in new customers and help existing customers that haven’t been lifestylefun around in a while find their way back. Reaching out to both types of customers is key to successful marketing.

2. Guest Post Marketing

Guest posts are a type of content created with the goal of getting it published on third-party websites. One of the main reasons for guest posting is to build strong partyguise backlinks from high authority websites. The higher the authority, the better the backlink. Content should be created with this in mind.

Guest post marketing should utilize the types of websites the target audience is likely to visit. Those sites should in some way be relevant to your own. Otherwise, the quality of the links will not matter as much.

3. Social Media Marketing

The best kind of marketing is the word-of-mouth referral. In the digital age, the online equivalent of word-of-mouth is social media likes and shares. They are gold. Smart content marketers know and exploit this. They take advantage of social media in two ways.

First, they create on-site content that will strike a chord with customers. It might be a blog post, a short form video, or even an infographic. Once the content is created and published, they turn around and promote it on social media. Social media posts are short, sweet, and to the point. Most importantly, they redirect users to the publisher’s website. When the content is good, it gets factnewsph hared.

4. Infographic Marketing

Infographics combine images and text to offer information in bitesize chunks. They are one of the best ways to distill complex topics to make them more understandable to consumers. For reasons that are not quite clear, infographics tend to be one of the most underutilized content marketing tools out there.

Honorable Mentions

Content marketing services should include blog posting, guest posting, social media posting, and infographics as standard. But there are some additional services that might be worth looking into. Salt Lake City’s Webtek Digital Marketing suggests the following:

  • Short Form Videos – Short form videos, which is to say videos of no more than 60 seconds in length, offer a way to quickly connect with consumers. They are gaining traction as a content marketing tool.
  • Podcasts – Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular for reaching consumers looking for more information than they can find in a blog post. Combining podcasts with published transcripts seems to work well.
  • Paid Ads – Although paid ads themselves are considered separate from content marketing actual ad copy is a form of content. Well written ad copy can be just as effective as a good blog or guest post.

Content marketing has become one of the most important disciplines for breaking through all the noise on the internet. If your company is planning to pay for professional content marketing services, make sure your service provider offers the four things mentioned in this post, at minimum. Any extras are welcome.

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