Are Bernedoodles Indoor Dogs

Many people think Bernedoodles need a lot of space due to their size, but you would be surprised to know exactly how much space they need. Bernedoodles come in many different sizes, from mini to large. 

How much space do Bernedoodles need?

For their average size, Bernedoodles don’t need a lot of space. Most Bernedoodles take after their Bernese Mountain Dog parents with their calm demeanor. Bernedoodles are very intelligent but calm. They don’t need much space because they aren’t super hyper dogs. Bernedoodles still need a lot of exercise due to their size. Bernedoodles are great adapters and only need your company to be satisfied.

Inside or outside

Bernedoodles do best in both worlds. Bernedoodles love huge backyards but also love cuddles on the couch. Backyards are great for your dog to run around and grow up, but if you don’t have a big backyard, your Bernedoodle will still be perfectly fine. Bernedoodles love to swim, hike, and run. They will do just about any activity with you that brings them outdoors. These dogs are great when you want an exercise buddy.

Bernedoodles only have a single undercoat, but this can still get hot. Bernedoodles can tolerate hot weather, but they don’t like it. They would much rather be in a cool house than out in the beating sun. Bernedoodles don’t do very well in cold environments either. Because of their single coat, they get cold much faster than a dog breed with a double coat.

Great for apartment living

Bernedoodles do really well in small apartments. Because they aren’t super hyper, they don’t need as much space to move around. Bernedoodles aren’t bred for hard training and running or completing obstacle courses. Bernedoodles are calmer and more laid back. All they need is plenty of affection and love. If you want a companion to live and grow with, you could consider Bernedoodle puppies for sale.

Cons of outdoor living

Some people prefer their dog to live outside due to their smell and shedding, but here are some cons of having your Bernedoodle live outside.

  • Weather: It depends a lot on where you live if you have a weather problem, but if you get constant cold weather, you might consider bringing your dog indoors, especially during snow storms. If you live in a place that doesn’t generally get super cold, you might not have to worry about this problem, but if you live somewhere like Vermont, Maine, Idaho, or Colorado, which gets annual snow. If you live somewhere like Utah with extreme weather shifts like blazing hot one day and a snowstorm the next, you might also consider moving your dog indoors. Bernedoodles especially don’t do well in extreme weather. They can get very uncomfortable and develop severe issues if not treated.
  • Develop separation anxiety: Bernedoodles are very social animals and love people’s attention. If isolated, they might start to develop unwanted behavior such as digging and tearing things up. They could also become aggressive and resort to other ways of getting your attention.
  • Attempt escape: If Bernedoodles aren’t getting the attention they need from you, they might find someone else to give them that attention. They might try to run away to find someone who will care for them in the way they need.

You might notice some of these behaviors from your dog, and if you can catch them in time, you can reverse them with the love and affection they need.

Bernedoodles are unique from their high intelligence to their soft and cuddly nature. They are great family dogs and will love all the attention young children, and a family would give them.

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