Winter in China

During the winter season, visitors can have an enjoyable experience by touring some of China’s most incredible and popular destinations. Winters in China begin in November and extend until March. The weather during this time is chilly, with lots of snowfall, while temperatures range from 0 to 8 degrees centigrade. However, you can still enjoy some fun activities with your family this winter season by attending festivals and appreciating the breathtaking sceneries, including the snow sculpture, China snow town scenery, Hakka earth building, rice terraces and tropical seaside sceneries. China offers an extensive range of places to visit during this winter season. Some of the incredible places and destinations to visit in China during winter include:

  • Beijing

You will experience cold weather and low temperatures in Beijing during the winter season. You will have a wonderful experience when going on a trip to tour some of the classic attractions, including the Great Wall of China, the Forbidden City, and the Summer Palace. When you get an opportunity to teach English in Beijing, you should plan a trip to the famous Great Wall of China with your fellow teachers. Winter season will be the best time since you will more likely have a more enjoyable and less crowded experience than during the peak season. More outdoor and indoor activities await you when you visit Beijing during winter.

  • Xian

This city in Northern China in Shaanxi Province is one of the top winter destinations you can visit any time of the year without any restrictions. The city experiences some average low temperatures of up to -4 degrees centigrade. However, the cold weather and temperatures will not affect your visit since you can plan a trip to an indoor site called the Terracotta Warriors. This is an excellent site recognised as the eighth wonder of the world and the most significant archaeological finds of the twentieth century. You can also have a rewarding experience riding a bike on the Ancient City Wall to have an extensive view of the city.

  • Yunnan

This is an incredible city in Southwest China, with moderate climatic conditions all year round. Winters have moderate temperatures and sunny winter days in most destinations, including Dali, Kunming, and Lijiang. Teachers who get teaching jobs in China can plan a trip with their students to Yunnan and view some incredible attractions, including snow-capped peaks, mysterious rice terraces, beautiful lakes, spectacular forests and diverse landscapes. It would be great if you considered Yunnan as the top destination when planning a trip around the different cities in China.

  • Sichuan

Planning a trip to Sichuan province is an enriching experience since you will be able to visit Chengdu city, which is toured by many travellers every year. The average temperature in Sichuan province during winter is between 5 degrees to 11 degrees centigrade. Some of the incredible attractions found in Sichuan include the Sichuan cuisine and giant pandas. You can plan a trip with your friends to the Chengdu Research Base to have a wonderful time viewing over 100 baby pandas and giant pandas. The fantastic and cute pandas will warm your heart during winter, leaving you with many memories of Chengdu.

When visiting China during the winter, you will have an opportunity to glance at some of the modern buildings and historical sites in Xian, Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai. It’s the best time for those who enjoy skiing and other outdoor activities in the snow. You can participate in skiing and other outdoor activities at Xiling Snow Mountain and Yabuli Ski Resort. Enjoy delicious cuisines and tasty hot food to keep you warm during the winter and satisfy your taste buds.

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