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What is BigCommerce and how it can help you

BigCommerce is a well-known business project creation engine that has been growing since 2009. In comparison to Shopify and Squarespace, he is frequently included among the finest eCommerce solutions in ratings and reviews. A variety of ready-made alternatives for various specializations is a standout feature of the service.

Representatives from the site assist with the launch of the site for medium and big company representatives. If customers have interesting products and lack a web resource, BigCommerce is ideal for a quick start on the Internet.

The platform works on two different models. The Enterprise line implies collaboration with major corporations, whose representatives are critical to service efficiency and excellent quality. In this instance, when the manager has manually approved the application, it will be allowed to evaluate the engine’s capabilities.

The Essentials line involves self-customization of the store under the guidance of a 24/7 designer support team. BigCommerce’s online shop engine has two distinct advantages: no payment commissions and a limitless number of items. In the same Shopify, at the minimum tariff, you will have to give 2% from each payment. If the check is $ 500, the commission will be $ 10. If You Need More Information Visit demotix

Another feature of the platform is associated with a large selection of sales channels. In addition to the website, businessmen can distribute goods on other platforms: Ebay, Amazon, Facebook, Google Shopping, Instagram. These features are available even at the lowest rate.

Other builders usually offer cool chips for $ 200-300 a month. BigCommerce took a different path and quickly gained audience loyalty. According to the Builtwith service, 150 thousand stores operate on the basis of the service. Do you want to be among them? Order bigcommerce development services by Elogic.

Engine features

In terms of functionality, CMS for an online store BigCommerce is not inferior to other platforms that have been actively developing over the past 5-10 years. It will not be possible to place a description of all modules in one article, so we will focus on those that directly affect the operation of the store:

1. Convenient work with goods. In the designer settings, you can import products from Excel. The knowledge library contains a detailed manual for updating data. Before loading data, you need to adapt the file to a special format. If there is a need to migrate to another constructor, the product database can be exported.

2.Product filters. Users can narrow their search using built-in attributes. Products can be sorted by characteristics, price, brands and other criteria.

3. Feedback from buyers. In the store settings, by default, user comments are activated, which can leave ratings. Reviews update the content of the site and increase the interest of the audience.

4. Client base. Customer data is collected in one place. After placing an order, the information is automatically saved in the catalog. The administrator can edit the card and quickly check the personal data for correctness.

5. Flexible store setup. In the “Storefront” tab there is a menu for quick site changes. Administrators can add a logo, change the active theme, customize email templates, and more.

6.Marketing tools. Banners, promotions, promotional codes, reviews from Google, gift certificates and email marketing services are available to users.

7. Powerful analytics. The page offers reports on the store’s work that the company owner may find valuable. You can track performance in real time – see how many users are interested in products, from which sources and who added products to the cart.

8. Sales channel manager. In addition to Facebook and large marketplaces, support for Pinterest and the Buy Buttons service has been implemented.

9. Application library. You can expand the capabilities of the trading platform on the BigCommerce online store engine through software solutions. Service representatives added selections for different tasks. Installed applications are added to the appropriate tab for quick access.

Also check out bigcommerce pricing to understand its pricing among other CMSs.

Benefits of CMS BigCommerce

This CMS has many strengths:

  • quick creation of a trading platform;
  • there is no limit to the amount of goods available;
  • any number of managers;
  • payments without commission;
  • round-the-clock support;
  • DDOS protection.
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Disadvantages of CMS BigCommerce

There are fewer weaknesses, but they are:

  • few SEO modules;
  • the tariff is tied to the turnover of the store.

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