What are the movers and packers services in UAE?

It’s very important for us to know the facts about movers and packers and their services. Because sometimes in life we need these services so it’s essential to know about movers.

Movers and packers are for those people who have a lot of items and can’t carry them personally. Movers and packers in Abu Dhabi will pack all house items and shift to the new location.

A lot of illegal freelance movers serving in the UAE but make sure to hire a professional and registered moving company to prevent any kind of damage to your expensive items and legal issues as well.

For hiring movers and packers you have to check the trade license and insurance plan of the company.

Movers and packers services

Moves and packers provide all kinds of commercial and residential moving services in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Moving like villa, house, apartment, studio, office, warehouse, market, shop, gym, medical store, etc.

Furniture dismantling and fixing:

Moving companies have the most professional and expert team of furniture carpenters and helpers. The carpenters are well-trained and can dismantle and fix all kinds of royal, luxury, and locally made furniture.

The company will be responsible for any kind of harm or scratch to your items. Make sure to hire a registered and professional moving company.

Furniture packing and moving:

The moving companies use the best quality packing supplies like bubble roll, stretch film roll, carton roll, and carton boxes to pack all of your household items like furniture, home appliances, kitchen items, and other items as well.

The Movers Emirates has four-ton box-covered trucks which are very harmless for all kinds of house and office relocation.

Villas and houses moving:

 Movers and packers provide all kinds of houses and villas relocation services in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and other Emirates as well. The team is specially trained for residential moving. Residential moving contains bedroom furniture, living room, guest room, kids room, kitchen items, home appliances, and garden furniture, etc.

Residential moving like houses and villas finish within a day or half. All the house items which taken by first place will be unpacked and fixed at the arrived place.

Warehouse and office moving:

Moving companies have a well-trained team for commercial moving as well. The team dismantles and fixes all kinds of office items like furniture, workstations, computer pcs, servers, printers, cameras, and appliances like refrigerator, ac, water cooler, coffee machine, etc.

And the mechanical equipment, gym equipment, chillers, warehouse items, shop items, market items, medical equipment, and other general items as well.

Packing for storage and cargo:

If you are looking for storage or cargo packing then moving companies can help you by providing the best quality of packing materials and helpers to do the strong packing for cargo and storage.

Make sure that cargo and storage packing is much different than general packing. The items should be double packed in bubble and stretch roll to prevent any kind of dust and damage in your expensive furniture and appliances.

Some FAQ’s about movers and packers

These frequently asked questions are collected by the company in 20 years. A lot of customers asked the below questions.

How much do movers charge in Abu Dhabi?

Charges of movers and packers are survey-based. If you want an accurate estimated price then you have to send your house location to the moving company team and they will send a supervisor to examine the items.

Moving companies will give prices based on the quantity of the items, quality of service, and transportation distance.

For a normal moving, charges can be between 700 to 1000 AED for 1bhk. This price includes all furniture and appliances dismantling, packing, and fixing.

Do movers pack kitchen items?

Yes, agents and packers pack all of the household items like kitchen items, clothes, and shoes, etc. Everything in-house movers will pack and shift to the new location.

How long do movers take to finish?

It depends on the quantity of the items, quality of service, and distance. The supervisor will let you know the exact time when he checks the items.

Don’t worry a professional moving company has a lot of team members and they can finish all kinds of commercial and residential moving within a day or half.

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