The Most Important Aspects of eCommerce SEO You Can’t Forget to Cover

There are eCommerce SEO strategies that take off, and then there are SEO strategies that fall flat on their faces. You don’t want to be among those in the latter group. It’s expensive and the ripple effect can be disastrous, as you’ll be wasting resources without even returning the investment with renewed traffic.

No, what you want is an eCommerce SEO strategy that, though it will take time and money, will result in a stronger, steadier stream of new organic traffic. User engagement will rise, sales will flourish, your brand awareness will spread, and just as importantly, you’ll rely less on paid ads.

But what are the aspects of SEO that businesses tend to miss? When not executed properly, or implemented by an experienced eCommerce SEO agency, an SEO strategy is simply not a wise investment. Luckily, you can avoid that if you do your homework, and hopefully this article will help.

Here are some aspects of SEO that, when overlooked, can doom your plan from the start.

1. Not understanding your audience and what appeals to its members

If there is one single flaw in most eCommerce SEO strategies, this is probably it, simply because everything else rides on it. Just like you need to understand your target audience to craft a product or a service that solves their needs, you need to know what they expect so you can deliver.

It’s all about positioning. Don’t create a web design for your online store that doesn’t speak their language, and don’t chase keywords that won’t deliver.

2. Keyword research: Not only search volume and competition, but user intent

Following along with keeping in touch with your clients so you can deliver marketing strategies that actually work for your eCommerce business, you need to perform thorough keyword research. In particular, it’s important not to focus on keywords that are too competitive, have a search volume that is too low, or are poorly aligned with user intent.

When you analyze a cohort of keywords, you’re going to find that some are simply too competitive to go after. Some might not have high enough search volume to warrant pursuing, and others will be poorly aligned with your users’ search intent or intent to purchase.

However, in that mix there will be some golden opportunities in keywords with reasonably high search volume that are not overly competitive, and which are closely aligned with your users’ intentions and expectations. These are the ones to target.

3. Failing to track keyword movements and critical analytics

Another issue with many eCommerce SEO campaigns is that they simply don’t track the performance of their efforts. You should keep a very close eye on shifts in organic keyword ranking, organic traffic, session durations, the user journey through your website, and ultimately, on conversion rates and sales. These metrics will give you a place to start making improvements if something isn’t lining up.

4. Forgetting – or refusing – to create a quality mobile design

As of fairly recently, Google has started performing mobile-first indexing, which means that a website’s mobile version will be crawled and indexed before the desktop version. Other search engines may soon follow, and there’s no simpler way to say this: you need a quality mobile eCommerce store, not only to provide a quality user experience but also to ensure SEO value.

5. Overlooking technical errors

Features like site speed, schema markup, site security, excess code and overall site hierarchy can ultimately hamper your technical SEO efforts. Even if you’ve completed on-page optimizations pursuant to the search engine optimization strategy for your eCommerce website, if you don’t fix technical errors, your overall efforts will be hamstrung. Luckily, an experienced eCommerce SEO agency can and will uncover and rectify these technical issues for you.

6. Failing to provide high quality content that will drive engagement and push conversions

Finally, you can’t overlook the value of fresh content that is not only engaging and stimulating, but properly optimized. For it to really offer you SEO services in Pakistan value, content must have both features.

On one hand, it must be free of duplicate content and keyword stuffing, while being properly optimized for keyword density and length. It should also appeal to the user’s interests and offer original information that is not only useful but can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s not easy to create, but a quality content strategy for your eCommerce site – on your product and category pages as well as in your blog – will give your SEO efforts a big, big boost, especially in the long term. Best of all, these efforts on your website can be merged with (and bolstered by) your other content marketing, email and social media efforts.

While most of these aspects of eCommerce SEO, in and of themselves, are not ranking signals, if you don’t account for them, your campaign will suffer. You can optimize your website in accordance with a strategy that follows poorly selected keywords, or offer fresh content while seeing past the fact that your website is obliterated with broken links, toxic backlinks, and a backwards site structure.

The point is, best practices that follow in the wake of bad practices (or poorly conducted research and analysis) are not worth the effort. What you need is a thoroughly conducted strategy that leans on research and valid processes and tracks its own success very closely – that is what a proven eCommerce SEO agency can provide for you, an agency like 1Digital Agency.

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