The Best Cafes Near Calgary

Everybody loves a good cup of coffee in the morning. Not only is coffee delicious, but the caffeine in coffee also helps to jumpstart your day and avoid sluggish mornings. Many people like to visit cafes while on vacation, simply because it is a great way to experience new types of delicious coffee. One of the best places to get coffee is Calgary, as the city has several amazing cafes. So if you’re visiting the city of Calgary or just closed on one of the Calgary homes for sale and are looking for a place to get your morning cup of joe, where should you look? Here are the best cafes near Calgary. 

Calgary Heritage Roasting Company

Located near the Bow River is Calgary Heritage Roasting Company, a great place to get coffee in the city. The location has actually been so successful that the company sells coffee all over Canada, shipping roasts to many different Canadian residents. Although their mail-order coffee is fantastic, nothing beats visiting the physical location. The location is absolutely gorgeous, having a special kind of rustic beauty. Of course, the coffee served at the location is delicious as well, making this one of the best cafes in the Calgary area.

I Love You Coffee Shop

I Love You Coffee Shop is located near the center of Calgary and offers a unique setting for coffee lovers to enjoy their beverages. The location is inspired by Japanese jazz bars, making it an extremely unique location. The uniqueness of the shop makes it a fantastic destination for first-dates and other meet-ups. When it comes to the location’s menu, they offer a diverse selection with plenty of fantastic options. If you’re looking for a unique and quirky coffee shop in the Calgary area, this would be the perfect destination for you. 

Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar

Coffee and alcohol aren’t commonly thought of as a pairing, but you should never knock something until you try it. Gravity Espresso and Wine Bar flawlessly combine the two, serving a wide range of patrons. One can come and enjoy a simple cup of coffee, while another could enjoy a tasty bottle of wine and a platter of cheese. Outside of the delectable coffee and wine menu, the establishment also serves a wide range of tasty pastries. If you want to visit a Calgary coffee shop with a unique and fun menu, this is the place to go. 

Euphoria Cafe

The aptly named Euphoria Cafe will bring joy to you every time you try one of their coffees. This location has an array of specialty drinks, like their Spanish latte or their nitro cold brew coffee. They also have a unique selection of options for those on alternative diets, such as a keto-friendly bulletproof coffee drink. On top of the great selection of drinks, Euphoria Cafe also sells many different food options, having a modern menu that consists of everything from French pastries to paninis. If you’re looking for a classic cafe experience with great coffee and great food, then you should definitely check out Euphoria Cafe. 

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