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Social Analytics, Metrics, and Measurement

This is the chapter that covers the aspect of “social anything” that keeps most decision makers and change/process champions up at night. Many sleepless nights have been spent wondering “How do I measure this and make sense of it?” This chapter takes a hard look at the rationale for establishing the specific metrics required to make sense of the Social Web and track success, along with the tools and platforms that provide and analyze these metrics in the context of your objectives.

Social Analytics

The previous chapters have provided a basis for understanding how social media and Web 2.0 technologies are reshaping the relationship between Marketing, where the promise is created, and Operations, where the promise is kept. Building on the basics of managing conversations through decided behavior rather than attempts at control, this chapter presents the fundamentals of actual measurement.

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Sources of Business Analytics

Business analytics can be pulled from a variety of places within the organization. The following sections cover two of the more immediately useful sources of business analytics when setting out to create a social business program. These areas are commerce analytics—after all, at the end of the day we generally are in business to sell something (even in some abstract manner)—along with measures of acceptance or rejection. The latter is particularly important as a class of metrics because it is very often a neardirect measure of what underlies the conversations observed on the Social Web, in support forums, ideation platforms, and traditional CRM systems.

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What about nonbusiness applications of social business or its use by organizations where the direct connects are less obvious? This is where the studies of correlation and causation, combined with your own domain expertise around the processes that drive your organization, are valuable.

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