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Looking for a tool to check the overall quality of your internet? Don’t waste your time anymore, because we’ve found the best ping test online.

Internet is evolving and its getting common in every household, therefore there are also some internet related issues if you live in a country where internet service isn’t that good, you might want to fix your internet but you are not sure what to actually fix, fixubuntu is one tool for all your internet issues, whether it’s your internet ping test or ping speed test it portrays the actual quality of your internet.

What is ping?

Ping is basically a measurement between you and server you’re connecting with, the higher digits ping you get the slower it’s going to work, a ping checker will help you to diagnose and find the server for your internet.

Difference between ping checkers’

Well, basically the purpose for the ping checker is the same, to provide you information about how your internet is doing at the moment. Comparatively, you might get less similar results in in your internet ping test, because most of the time it’s not your internet its actually the checker which is using poor servers to test your internet which then provides you the invalid results.

Things where your ping matters a lot

There are several things where if your pings get high it does matter and doesn’t feels like something normal. Here are some common ones

  • Online Gaming: Whether you are a PUBG, League Of Legends or any other online game player, and your pubg ping gets high or stays high constantly, and your ISP tells you that your internet is in good shape, but yes he can be right. Sometimes it’s not your internet it’s the host server you are trying to play in, is actually far away then your ISP’s server. There are some games which don’t allow you to choose a server like PUBG. What fixubuntu does is, it tests your internet from the all the servers in every region, so then you can get the ideal server for yourself to play in.
  • Streamers: Streamers might find the high ping as most annoying thing in the world, as their viewers feel the same way. Obviously, you have audience that’s watching you and your stream is running in turtle-speed, it can end up bad for you. Definitely, no matter how good your content is if the quality of how you portray it is poor you’ll gain no good. Fixubuntu comes with packet loss tests and also lets you do your internet speed test to ensure that your internet is in good shape to go live.
  • Businesses: Ping can really be irritating for most of the online businesses out there, specially the telemarketing companies, if you own a company where your employees are dealing your customers online or by voice chat, and if your internet starts becoming choppy or you lose the quality of your calls its probably the time you start figure out what’s wrong before you lose any more of your clients.

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