Islamic love spells

Do Islamic love spells work? Islamic sorcerers prefer to keep it secret so there is very little information about it on the Internet. Today we’ll answer this question and, moreover, teach you how to cast one Islamic love spell. It’s going to be quite easy to do, provided you have and know the Quran. Otherwise, you won’t be able to cast this spell. You can’t open any page of the Quran and hope the magic put into it will transform into a powerful love spell. To make it happen, you should understand what’s written in the Quran and, moreover, feel its power and be confident that you’ve chosen the right sutra (you’ll need to choose one).

If you don’t have such knowledge but have a strong desire to use Islamic love spells, find a professional Islamic magic practitioner. On the other hand, if you’re not Muslim meaning you’re not close with any Islamic egregors, there seems to be no point for you to look for one. It makes more sense for you to hire a spellcaster specializing in a branch of magic engaging egregors suiting your cultural and religious values better.​ Connecting with an experienced anchor like Spellcaster Maxim is the surest way to casting potent love rituals

Islamic love spells

Islamic magic practitioners don’t like talking about Islamic love spells also because very few people are able to cast them properly. Moreover, historically it’s been a man’s job to practice magic in Islamic countries. At the same time, women are better at home magic than men. If a man tries to cast a love spell at home, he’ll fail. But if he hires a professional spellcaster, the result will be better than the one a woman would get if she worked with the same spellcaster. On the other hand, women are better at home magic so they often choose not to work with professional magic practitioners at all.

To cast this love spell, you need:

  • Love the target deeply;
  • Have pure intentions;
  • Overcome your jealousy;
  • Overcome your fear of failing;
  • Believe that Higher Powers are on your side;
  • Be confident your spell won’t hurt anyone;
  • Be faithful to your significant other;
  • Understand that Muslim love spells don’t give people a second chance.

Mental and spiritual purity is vitally important in Muslim magic. If you’re a mean and jealous person, you’ll never be able to access the energy of the Higher World which helps people cast such love spells. Imagine a narrow door you need to squeeze yourself through to get to the Higher World. Now imagine your vices and bad habits to be huge and hard tumors on your body. Your body itself is flexible and made of pure energy, so it can squeeze itself through any door, no matter how narrow. But the tumors don’t allow you to do it. So Muslim magic is good only for people who have a pure heart and are free from negative energy.

If you think you’re pure and have good control of your thoughts, desires, feelings and dreams, try to cast this love spell. To make it work, you’re going to have to go outside.​

Muslim love spells

Go to a flower meadow or garden. Any kind of flowers can be growing there, but roses are the best. Cut a rose, bring it home, and carefully pluck the leaves off. Torn and damaged leaves shouldn’t be used in this ritual so put them aside.

Now sit down at the table, put the Quran in front of yourself without opening it, put your hands on the table, and calm down. Think which sutra should help you cast your easy Islamic love spells. Your intuition will deliver the message sent to you by Higher Powers. To hear it, you should have a pure heart. If you have any negativity in you, you won’t be able to access Higher Worlds and hear the message. Even if you do, the negative energy will distort it and you’ll misinterpret it.

Open the Quran on the right sutra, put a sheet of paper on the right page (the sheet of paper and the page should be the same size). Put the leaves on the paper (the convex side down). The leaves will look like toy boats floating down the river. Read the chosen sutra seven times. Cover the leaves with another sheet of paper and close the Quran.

Don’t move or touch the Quran for 12 days. Just sit down in front of it, put your hands on the table, and calm down. When you feel completely calm and relaxed, repeat the same sutra 7 times. Perform this ritual at least once a day. The result will be better the more you read it. You may read the sutra to yourself as many times as you want.

On the 12th day, open the Quran and take the leaves out carefully. They should be dry and fragile, so be careful. No piece should fall off or go missing. Collect the leaves and grind them. Add some tea leaves and mix. Use green tea to influence a man and black tea to influence a woman. Serve tea with the rose leaves to the target.

The result should be seen shortly. Cast this spell once and you’ll see that the target shows interest in you. Don’t recast this spell. The idea of the spell is to get Higher Powers to help you, and they either help people or don’t. There is no point in reminding them about your request for help or waiting for anything. Let us remind you once again that Higher Powers help only people with a pure heart.

Magic will stay effective as long as you stay pure-hearted. Once your feelings fade, you become selfish, disregard your significant other’s needs and feelings, the spell will be broken. Remember about it because your relationship’s lifespan depends on your choices and actions.

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