How to organize your studying?

What effect can good study habits have? I suspect nativeborn talents and skills—the basic abilities you’re born with—have the most to do with success in school— 50 percent, maybe even 60. And the environment in which you’re trying to learn, your health, and other such factors may account for another 10 percent, maybe 15. That leaves 25 to 40 percent for study skills. Don’t believe that learning how to study can have such a monstrous effect? First, read How to Study, practice the skills, and watch the results.

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I think you’ll discover I’m right. Second, if you don’t believe study skills are so important, you must believe something like “smart kids do well because they’re smart.” Well, a lot of smart kids don’t do well. At all. Others do well in school but test poorly. And many are great in some subjects and not so great in others. I don’t have to prove this. Look at your friends, at others in your school. I guarantee you’ll prove it to yourself

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When Should You Study?

As much as possible, create a routine time of day for your studying. Some experts contend that doing the same thing at the same time every day is the most effective way to organize any ongoing task. Some students find it easier to set aside specific blocks of time during the day, each day, in which they plan on studying.

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Although you want to sit down to study when you are mentally most alert, external factors also play a role in deciding when you study. Being at your best is a great goal, but is not always possible. Study whenever circumstances allow

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The landscape is littered with the shadows of unsuccessful students who have failed in their pursuits—not because they lacked the talent or motivation, but because they just overloaded on information and pressure. You can be successful without killing yourself!

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