How do you protect yourself when entering CVV?

Unfortunately, not only is the development of the World Wide Web, but also fraudulent systems. Sometimes they are so masterfully thought out that they leave the unfortunate buyers without the means and even without the opportunity to go to court.

To begin with, we will give you some general rules that will help you make purchases without worrying about the safety of your savings.

Never work with questionable resources. Check the information about the selected online store, read reviews, ask friends and acquaintances. This also applies to services that accept payments.

Use your computer only. If you had to use someone else’s PC, do not save the information you entered on it.

Install a quality antivirus.

If the system gives an error during payment, e.g. B. “Failed process” or “Process was interrupted”, then do not repeat the process. You may want to withdraw all of the funds from your account this way. Just keep all checks and postpone purchases until later.

Let’s say a few words about modern methods of protection.

3-D safe technology

The latest invention is to prevent user data from being stolen. How does this work? We will try to explain it as simply and clearly as possible.

The fact is that the payment is made without the involvement of the seller. The bank automatically transfers all amounts to its account. This will save and protect all of your data and reduce the risk of hacking. The advantage of such a program is also the fact that the password is constantly changing and sent to your phone as an SMS. Of course, CVV bought in CVV shop online has to be entered anyway, but when you use it you can be sure that your personal information is not compromised.

Additional card

Another long known way is the use of a virtual bank card. It will be a great addition to the existing one it will save all the details. However, you can only use it for payments on the World Wide Web. All you have to do is transfer a certain amount of money at the right time. Then you pay for the goods. That’s all. The credit card balance is zero. Scammers don’t want to hack a credit card with no money. If you want to protect yourself even more, set a certain withdrawal limit per day and attach an SMS notification to inform you of all operations that are being carried out with the card.

To sum that up above

Technologies that make our lives easier do not stand still, they are constantly changing and developing. Twenty years ago we couldn’t have believed that it would be possible to buy a winter jacket, dinner, new car, or toy for a child without leaving home. Now these actions are not causing us any trouble, humanity is shopping online more than a million every day, paying bills and services.

However, we must not forget that the fraudsters are not left behind by technological advances. Observe the basic safety requirements and take advantage of civilization, save time and feel as protected as possible.

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