How do Toppers prepare for SBI PO Exam

Every year, Government, Public sector undertakings, banks and various other examination boards in the country conduct  several examinations to hire skilled and professional candidates in the required fields. These various bodies that conduct exams ensure only the perfect candidate for their post gets through different phases of selections. The State Bank of India is one such public sector bank that conducts exams every year for filling their Probationary officer(PO) vacancies. It is no exaggeration to say that the SBI Bank selects only the best from competing students. SBI PO exams are tough to crack compared to other bank exams, they also have a good interview board which ensures only the best candidates get through . With this article we are trying to bring some information from previous year exam toppers that will help candidates who are preparing for exams this year.  You are getting a chance to learn from someone else’s experience so try to incorporate what they have done so that you can also score good marks and land your desired job.

Be Good at Mathematics

Numerical Ability from prelims paper and  Data Analysis and Data Interpretation from main paper can only be cleared if you have good mathematical skill. To improve that, toppers say that there is no other option other than hard work. You need to first understand all the concepts, then practice it, practice as many tests as you can with many practice sessions under your belt, you not only improve your understanding but also improve speed to answer the question. Speed is very important in this kind of examination. Toppers also say they have revised the topics for exams many times. Don’t skip any important shortcut techniques that help in easily solving questions. If you know shortcut techniques it will help in answering questions with ease and speed. Many toppers have prepared a copy of all shortcut techniques in a pocket diary, so that they can carry it around and revise it when necessary.  practice a lot of three-digit multiplications; it will always come handy during exams. Word problems are a bit tricky, they need a lot of practice to solve. If you are not good at solving them quickly, wait till you have completed all other questions to solve them otherwise you will lose time.

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 Preparation for English and Reasoning 

English and Reasoning could be the easiest or trickiest subject depending on how much interest you hold. Toppers  believe that you should start with the questions, which are easy to do, easy to decipher first and many toppers start with English and Reasoning. Most toppers say it’s not about the number of questions you do, it’s about the number of questions you do with accuracy. Reasoning can be quite easily cracked with good preparation, many online E-learning platforms like ENTRI provide good coaching for it, use it to practice many question papers they provide for maximum advantage. Put in your best effort and get a good result.

General Awareness will decide who will get through

According to toppers general awareness decides who will get through their desired job as many students don’t pay much attention to it like other topics and wait to study it at last.

If you are one of them who waits till last to study general awareness then you will be in for a rude awakening when answering question papers. Buy some excellent books. Always look for things that happened in the last six months, read newspapers regularly so you are up to date with things happening in the world. If you smartly prepare for general awareness your score card will reflect it. Look for General Awareness mock tests so you can understand the pattern and prepare notes for General Awareness accordingly.

Diet is everything

Learning is one thing but to have a good environment for learning is everything, make sure you eat quality foods during exam times, drink plenty of water, and be tension free don’t stress too much, as it will take a toll on your passion to crack exams.


These are some tips from previous year toppers who are now probationary officers at the State Bank Of India, learn from them, copy their success path and you will also be successful.

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