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Develop Good Reading Habits

It’s difficult for anyone to remember what he read at 3 a.m. or while waiting to go on the biggest date of his life. Set aside quiet time when you’re at your best. Are you a morning person? Then wake up early to do your reading. Do you get going at 6 p.m.? Then get your reading done before heading out to dinner. Don’t forget to use your dictionary to look up terms you don’t understand. Buy rdp From reliable sites.

Why We Forget?

As you think about the elements of developing good memory, you can use them to address why you forget. The root of poor memory is usually found in one of these areas:

■ We fail to make the material meaningful.

■ We did not learn prerequisite material.

■ We fail to grasp what is to be remembered.

■ We do not have the desire to remember.

■ We allow apathy or boredom to dictate how we learn

■ We do not use the knowledge we have gained.

In Case You Forgot

Each time you attempt to read something that you must recall, use this six-step process to ensure you’ll remember:

  1. Evaluate the material and define your purpose for reading. Identify your interest level and get a sense of how difficult the material is.
  2. Choose appropriate reading techniques for the purpose of your reading.
  3. Identify the important facts. Remember what you need to. Identify associations that connect the details you must recall.

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All of us are inundated with information every day, bombarded with facts, concepts, and opinions. We are capable of absorbing some information simply because the media drench us with it. In order to retain most information, we have to make a concerted effort to do so. We must make this same effort with the material we read.

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