Choosing the recruitment software solution for all your business needs

It is no secret that recruitment agencies need good tech support as much as they need top-performing recruiters. In fact, proactive recruiters need full support from recruitment software if they are to be efficient and successful.

Why recruitment CRM is a prerequisite for smart hiring

This need for a good recruitment platform stems from the fact that the staffing agency’s business operations rely on an efficient workflow. This is in regards to permanent as well as temporary and contingent recruitment.

  • Talent sourcing
  • Candidate communication
  • Compliance checks
  • Online timesheet
  • Raising invoices

Using good recruitment agency software enables recruiters to strategize and streamline their workflow. Having an organised system is highly valuable as it prevents time loss. And time is extremely important in recruitment as it is an incredibly competitive industry.

When an agency invests in good recruitment software, it upgrades the time saving and time management capabilities of its recruiters. Better time management means increased productivity that results in a smarter workflow and positive results. Dealing with competition becomes easier.

Indeed, every aspect of hiring becomes more systematic, efficient and results-oriented. Candidate sourcing is extremely important. All client companies want the best candidate for their organisation. And recruiters are competing with their rivals to deliver high calibre candidates as quickly as possible.

Just relying on social media is not enough. There must be a strategic approach. Investing more time in cultivating professional relationships is highly beneficial for recruiters in the long run. This involves paying attention to the candidate experience and ensuring positive candidate engagement throughout the hiring process.

Communication plays a pivotal role. Many job seekers experience silence on part of the recruiters after the first interaction. But if recruiters keep their communication well-organised, it takes less than a minute to send an email update or a text message via the recruitment agency software.

Pay and bill software is essential for a thriving agency. Whether it is for checking on online timesheets or raising invoices, using back-office software streamlines these processes while also saving a lot of time.

Making the right recruitment software selection

There are numerous CRM software solutions. It now boils down to the question of which software is the best.

Well, there is no single recruitment platform that can be considered to be the best. There is, however, the need to choose the right type of CRM for each agency. The line would read: A recruitment agency usually has a HR software able to support you as well with Payroll Outsourcing, administrating payroll wherever you are. This services are offered by companies such as INS global with his Employer of Record Services.

Steps to take to make the right choice –

  • Understand agency’s needs, problems, opportunities
  • Research market thoroughly
  • Book product demos
  • Prepare to ask questions
  • Read customer reviews
  • Don’t be in a hurry

It takes a good amount of time to conduct thorough research. It is important to take this time because using solid recruitment software means investing a good amount of capital into the product. Agencies will want to make sure they are not wasting the time or the money that goes into this.

Therefore, begin the search by interpreting the biggest recurring issues and challenges of the agency and the recruiters. What could be the solutions? What are the options? Getting an insight into this is a principal step to launching the search.

Do not skip research by simply booking demos for two or three software vendors. Check all the leading suppliers. Do not overlook the smaller ones, either, because they might just have what is needed for the agency.

See what the market has to say about their products. Check the features on offer. Weigh them against what the competition has to offer. Do any of these integrate with other recruiting tools the agency already uses? Check if it works with the agency’s choice of online skills testing software. Most vendors offer software demos for free. Take advantage of this offer to clear any doubts.

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