Cattle Barons Ball: Everything you need to know

Historically speaking, a Cattle Baron was a term for a local businessman or landowner who possessed great power or influence through the operation of a large ranch with many beef cattle. In the late 19th century United States, Cattle Barons were also sometimes referred to as cowmen, stockmen, or just ranchers. Meanwhile, similar individuals owned large cattle stations in Australia.

The first Cattle Barron’s Ball

For the first time in 1974, Cattle Barons Ball was held at the Star Brand Ranch, where it raised a whopping $56000. Since then, it has been known as a single-night fundraiser for cancer research that benefits the American Cancer Society. The Cattle Baron’s Ball event generally exhibits luxury items from sponsors and donors, and famous musicians of the country party participate in it to make the event successful!

The Last Cattle Barons Ball

We witnessed a Cattle Barons Ball on 30th April 2022 at Minute Maid Park, Houston, Texas. With Lady A being the headliner of the Houston Cattle Barons Ball, Pat Bryne being the opener, and Julia Cole taking command over the National anthem, the event was a huge success. Berg Hospitality took care of the catering services, and The Westin Houston Downtown was the hotel partner for this event.

The Car Raffle was sponsored by Sonic Automotive, which held six prices for the winners, ranging from $50 per ticket to $250 for six.

Upcoming Cattle Barons Ball

The Cattle Barons Ball 2022 will happen at Lubbock, Texas, on 30th July 2022. An event that requires people’s support to continue research in cancer, and this event has single-handedly saved 1.5 million lives in the US in the last twenty years.

Also known as the Lubbock Cattle Barons Ball, this event claims to be a one-of-a-kind evening. The official invite of the event also promises Great food, a dance, an auction, and much more. The event’s official sponsors are Chevrolet and City Bank, among many others.

What exactly happens in a Cattle Barons Ball

A Cattle Barons Ball is a huge deal for people who know about it. The big thing behind hosting is- First of all, you need to be nominated by someone. Now, after you’re nominated, a whole panel, like a jury, sits down with its members to discuss you and your family- whether or not you can raise money (which is the event’s primary purpose). The bigger part- you can’t be nominated more than thrice because once you’ve been nominated thrice, they black label you.

To get into the ball, you have to buy tickets and tables that the hosting committee puts up for sale. The ball makes money through these tickets and tables. What do you get? Once you’re at the ball, you get access to great food, dance, and live entertainment. Many artists perform to contribute to this noble cause of cancer research. Silent auctions take place where people bid for the object of their choice. This money goes into cancer research funding too.

List of artists who have performed so far

The current list of artists that have performed at the event is exceptionally long. A few of the artists who have already performed are mentioned below-

  • Tammy Wynette
  • Johnny Cash
  • Willie Nelson
  • George Strait
  • Waylon Jennings
  • Brooks & Dunn
  • Clint Black
  • Dwight Yoakam
  • Big & Rich
  • Toby Keith
  • Sugarland
  • Brad Paisley, etc

Some famous stars have performed at the Cattle Baron’s Ball, among the many others.

List of sponsors and donors

The list of donors and sponsors for Cattle Barons Ball keeps changing depending on location and other factors. However, here’s a list of previous sponsors-

  • Haley Toyota
  • 9 FM Star Country
  • Capital City
  • Priority Honda
  • Gentry Locke
  • Member One
  • Blue Ridge Cancer Care, etc

Summary line

The Cattle Baron’s Ball is a huge fundraiser and is a not-for-profit event. Participation in the performance and purchasing tickets for this event are both for a noble cause to cure and eradicate cancer. People should step forward for both performing and attending such events. We hope this blog inspires more and more people to attend the Cattle Barons Ball 2022.

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