5 ways to edit your text and make it SEO optimised 

Here you will get to know 5 important ways to optimize SEO content. The suggestions of the SEO Services Sydney will surely help you.

1. Make Your Texts Easy To Read

Readability is an important aspect of search engines. Easy-to-read texts are often more than non-readable articles.

Computer and mobile screens are not yet a suitable learning platform.

That’s why many users just scan articles. Research has found that users spend less than a second deciding if they want to stay on the page or leave.

That is a very short time for you to convince the user to stay and pass. By improving readability, you can enable your users to quickly scan an article.

You can improve your readability by using short sentences, short paragraphs, punctuation marks, headings, and dotted lists. We recommend adding white space to the text and using images to make your text look easier on the eyes.

If you use the All in One SEO plugin, then it will automatically process readability issues and make recommendations for you in the analysis section.

2. Use categories and tags to organize content

Categories and tags help you organize your content not only for you but also for readers and search engines.

The problem is that many WordPress beginners tend to misuse them.

If you think of your website as a book, then the sections will be a list of content and tags that will form part of the book index.

Categories are used to classify your content into major topics discussed on your blog. Tags, on the other hand, are topics that are discussed in each blog post.

To learn more, see our first guide on using categories and tags with high SEO benefits.

3. Be Interested In Featured Captions In Search Results

Google has been trying to answer user queries as quickly as possible. As part of this effort, they presented the submitted results or feedback box.

This is the highlighted search result from above. Google creates custom captions for article content that highlight part of your algorithms that you believe are the answer to a user’s query.

According to a study by Advanced Web Ranking, the Answer boxes protected approximately 32.3% CTR. This makes your SEO strategy very important.

There is no set of instructions given to Google on how to select captions. Their recommendation is to improve your content and make sure it provides the information users are looking for.

However, at WPBeginner, we have created some useful tips based on our research that will help you appear in Google inboxes for your blog posts.

4. Complete Your Blog Post Complete

Search engines love articles that cover a topic with fine details. That’s why we asked you to collect query related keywords (LSI Keywords) as part of your content editing step.

These related keywords give you an idea of ​​the variety of user searches for that particular topic. By covering those keywords in your article, you will be able to make them more complete, informative, and helpful.

You should use headings and subheadings to enter those keywords and try to cover as much ground as possible.

In addition to LSI keywords, another strategy to create complete content is to type your desired keyword and switch to Image Search. You will see title bubbles with different keywords.

5. Prepare Old Blog

Many beginners often forget about blog posts after they publish them. You have not finished adding your blog posts via SEO once they have been published.

Here are some things you need to do after publishing your blog post:

Promote it on social media – Enhance your blog posts in your social media profiles. You can enable this function by using IFTTT to share your content.

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Insert internal links – Once you’ve published a post, you can go back to the relevant old articles and add a link to your new blog post. This gives your new articles a link to the juice over time and allows users to easily find you.

Track search rankings – You have prepared SEO posts, but how do you track search rankings? See our guide on how to track search engine rankings for your blog post for instructions.

We recommend constantly updating old posts, so you can continue to improve your standards.


We hope this article has helped you to add to your SEO blog posts as a professional. Need more tips to improve your content? Check articles of SEO services Sydney on how to get more traffic to posts on your blog, and our comparisons of the best email marketing tools to communicate with your readers.

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