What You Need To Focus On While Buying A Gaming Laptop

A gaming laptop refers to a high-end laptop that helps the users play the latest games and perform high-end tasks. In this pandemic situation the demand and popularity of the gaming laptop is increasing rapidly. For friends who like to play games, gaming notebooks are a very popular gaming product. They have performance that ordinary computers can’t match. But there are many divisions for a game, from entry level to enthusiast level, the price range is large. So what are the precautions for gaming laptop kaufen? Which is more important, performance/price/size?

1. Size and interface

As mentioned above, the definition of gaming laptops is actually very broad, so its size is also quite rich, ranging from 13, 14 inches that focus on mobile gaming experience, to mainstream 15 inches, and some 17-inch models at home level. ventsmagazine Therefore, first consider your main application, and then decide the size of the model.

In addition, the interface part is also something we need to pay attention to, because even if it is a portable game book, sometimes you may need to connect it to a monitor for output. Generally speaking, higher standards of HDMI and DisplayPort need to be considered, especially when it comes to other technologies such as 4K output and G-Sync getliker.

2. Keyboard

There is no doubt that a good gaming notebook needs a good-feeling keyboard, especially for models that focus on mobile applications. lifestylemission After all, we don’t always carry an external keyboard. In addition to the feel, the powerful programming function is also a reference part, and the model with a built-in tea-axis mechanical keyboard like the MSI GT80 is obviously a more professional choice.

 3. Screen and audio quality

For a gaming laptop, a 1080P full HD display is already the basic configuration, and a resolution of 2K and above may be a better choice. Of course, the configuration of the processor and graphics card must be comparable to the screen resolution, otherwise it will only become a display. In addition to resolution, color reduction screen may be the viewing angle of the part is to be noted.

As for audio quality, generally speaking, 15-inch and 17-inch models have a larger body size, which can accommodate larger speakers, and the effect is better. However, since we generally use headphones, the external sound quality only needs to reach the mainstream standard.

4. Game performance, heat dissipation and price

Our performance requirements for gaming laptops are naturally the more powerful the better, but this is also related to cost. Generally speaking, the price of large gaming laptops is directly linked to the configuration. The stronger the performance, the higher the price; and the mobile models themselves are usually kept at a higher level due to the difficulty of design, such as Razer’s Blade series.

In addition, the heat dissipation performance of the gaming notebook is directly related to the gaming experience. It is suggested that you refer to some evaluation content before buying to observe the best performance and heat dissipation performance.

 5. Battery life

Obviously, the battery life of gaming laptops cannot be compared to Ultrabooks or MacBook Air. The 15-inch and 17-inch models are usually used as alternatives to desktop computers, and the battery life is usually only two or three hours. The use has little effect. For models that focus on portable gaming experience, battery life is even more critical, because they are usually used for other purposes, so they should maintain at least about five hours of battery life. Of course, when you buy a gaming notebook, you should consider your game level, whether you are an enthusiast or a novice, this will determine the level you choose to buy a notebook or laptop kaufen.

How much should I invest on a laptop?

How much you should spend to buy a laptop completely depends upon your needs and demands. As buying a laptop is an expensive step you will have to think well before buying. Today there are different types of laptop you can buy and they are quite different from each other in price, quality and sizes. So, you will have to decide first what type of laptops you want to buy. The best recommended price for a laptop is $ 800 to $1,000. Laptops within this price range will surely meet your needs. But if you want a more compact laptop we will recommend you to buy a laptop within $1,500. 

How much RAM do I need ?

The size of RAM determines how faster your device will function. If you want to perform simple tasks with your laptop 4 GB RAM is quite sufficient for you. But if you are hardcore gamer or you want to perform multitasking we will recommend you to choose 8 GB RAM. A laptop with 8 GB RAM can run flawlessly and can perform all the other tasks more smoothly.


In the arena of science and technology laptop has added a unique height. With the blessings of technology even a farmer of the remote field is using a laptop. As at present for the call of necessity everyone has to buy a laptop of his own. So, with a view to making the laptop kaufen process more smooth this guide has been witten from CLS Computer.

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