What is the Megaquads game format of slots? 

Players have been wondering about the newly released megaquads game format. Although it looks complicated, there are actually several reasons why you should endeavour to play it from the best UK bingo sites.

What is Megaquads

Big Time Gaming is a name that many slot players are familiar with, they created the global success which was the Megaways game format. This format revolutionised slot gaming, there was a time when players were not using any other type of game. Although slot gaming has moved on since then, Big Time Gaming are back with another slot format which they hope will revolutionise gaming in a similar way. Megaquads are essentially a game which is played on four different sets of reels, offering players over one thousand different ways to win. Although it remains to be seen whether this format will be as popular as the Megaways game format was, there is no denying that Megaquads are very popular with the slot gaming community. 


Using the Megaquads game format may sound complicated at first but there are actually several benefits that players will receive from using them. 

  1. Better winning opportunities – Perhaps the most obvious benefits, with the increase in reel size, the players chances of winning are also increased. It is very much like the Megaways series of games in that way, promising a similarly high amount of chances to win.
  2. Different gameplay – Another benefit that players will receive from this game format is the chance to play something different. Slot games can feel livery similar when you are in an extended playing session, it is always a good idea to try something different to break out from this feeling. The megaquads slots are the perfect way to do that. 

Other game formats 

The megaquad is not the only slot game format that players will encounter. There are actually several popular unique game formats available to play. The following are some of the most well known. 

  •     Megaways – It is hard to talk about megaquad without mentioning the Megaways game engine. This insanely popular feature was the brainchild of Big Time Gaming. It was first released in 2015 but it was not until 2016 that the format really took off. Soon there were remakes of existing slot games in the game format, something which had never happened before. It is quite hard to describe the influence that Megaways had when it was first released, it was literally everywhere at one point.
  •     Jackpot slots – Another unique slot format is the jackpot slot. These slots differ from normal slots because their gameplay is solely focussed on the jackpot, with the prize money being incredibly alluring. Lucky winners of these slots usually end up as millionaires!

Final thoughts 

The megaquads game format is an exciting variation of the classic slot game, this time there are four sets of reels which dramatically increases your winning chances. If you are a player who enjoyed the Megaways game engine, it is highly likely that you will also enjoy the megasquads game format.

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