Top Online Courses for Management Courses in 2023

If you are pursuing your management studies, you can learn new skills aside from joining some online courses. Online courses are usually short termed and are important to keep updated with new trends. With the help of an expert paper writing service, we have noted down some free and paid online programs that you can opt for to improve your communication, learning, technical, leadership, managerial, and problem-solving skills.

1. Improving Your Business Through a Culture of Health

This online course is offered by the top instructors of Harvard University and is completed free of cost unless you need a Verified Certificate. You will get to learn here the importance of the well-being of the employees, customers, community, and environment in your business; and how to integrate this health culture to competitive advantage. You will also learn to manage costs and revenues to implement Culture of Health with practical examples.

2. Accelerated Management Program

Within a duration of 8 weeks, this program by Yale School of Management, will cover problem-solving skills under uncertainty and constraints, understand and interpret financial statements, and improve your competitive and analytical strategies. It is a paid course.

3. The Manager’s Toolkit: A Practical Guide to Managing People at Work

According to research done by, about 97% of the applicants found this course by the University of London profitable for their career. If you are not an HR major, then you might need this course too. What you learn in business schools is a theoretical knowledge of business management. But here, with the help of some engaging HR theories, you will be acquainted with types of motivations and appraisals to help your employees be happy and productive. You will be finished in a month or 3, keeping the choice flexible.

4. Economics For Managers Course

Another program by the mentors of Harvard Business School covers its modules in 8 weeks. The aim is to understand the concepts of demand and supply, pricing strategies, different types of markets, and other aspects of economics. The best part is that these modules are taught using real-life case studies.

5. Becoming a Successful Leader (Inclusive Leadership Training)

Enroll yourself in practicing leadership styles by incorporating techniques from the booming leaders of this century. In the end, you will have quizzes and case studies that will enhance your awareness and level of confidence. It is the most affordable course from CatalystX.

6. Time Management for Boosting Productivity

Covering 56 lessons, this program concentrates on time management strategies in order to maximize efficiency and productivity for improved work culture. As a future entrepreneur, you will learn multiple ways of better decision-making, the ways to prioritize crucial tasks by eliminating unnecessary skills and distractions.

7. Essential Public Speaking

This is one of the most augmented ways of learning that involves virtual reality practices and is one of Forbes’s favorites. Say due to a shortage of time, you hired an essay writer from eduhelphub to write you a speech for an exam presentation. But what about delivering it? This certificate course from Virtual Speech will train your public speaking and develop your speech communications under various scenarios.

8. Google Project Management: Professional Certificate

As the name suggests, the course is offered by Google, and has enrollees over 9 million. If you aspire to become a project manager at the initial stage, you will have to know the basic duties of the title. Along with this you will also learn about the tools and software that are used in the project management level, understand the Scrum roles, the dynamics to handle your teammates and stakeholders, etc.

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