Top Gambling Countries in the World

Where do you want to go for gambling? Is your country famous for its america casinos or does it prefer sports betting? Let’s take a look at some of the top countries around the globe where people gamble.

The global gambling landscape has undergone significant changes over recent years. In 2017, total worldwide gambling revenues exceeded $1 livinggossip trillion. More specifically, gaming revenues amounted to $851 billion last year.

Despite the ever-expanding popularity of online gaming, brick-and-mortar establishments remain immensely important for consumers. This is especially true for those who live in developing regions. Online gambling is simply not accessible to everyone. For example, only 50% of African countries currently allow online gambling. Below, we list some of the top gambling countries in the world.

Top Gambling Countries in the World

1. The United States

Gambling in the US has been gaining traction in recent times. In fact, Americans spend more money on casinos spending than any other citizen. The US is also home to many of the most popular forms of betting such as horse racing and sports wagering. When it comes to online gambling, the USA remains one of the best options out there. Most states offer residents access to legal games that provide real money play. As long as you abide by state laws in place, you are free to bet with no limitations whatsoever.

2. Canada

Canadian citizens have enjoyed gambling since before they became a sovereign nation. Back then, the Canadian government had to authorize the construction of new venues across the country. Today, Canadians enjoy some of the biggest and best land-based australian casinos in North America. These sprawling entertainment centers are full of slot machines, table games, poker rooms, and bars. A few states even allow online gambling within the borders of their respective provinces.

3. Malta

Malta emerged as an international hub for online gambling in 2013 when it legalized this particular type of activity. Since then, the island state continues to lead the way when it comes to online gambling regulation. There’s nothing like enjoying your favorite slot machine while sipping a beer!

4. China

China has become one of the leading economies in the world thanks largely to the large numbers of internet users residing in the region. With so many gamers online, the Chinese government saw an opportunity to capitalize on this growing pstviewer market. The People’s Republic of China offers a variety of electronic gaming options for players. There are thousands upon thousands of virtual betting sites located online. These include everything from bingo halls to classic poker tables.

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