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Top 4 Mistakes That Inbound Call Center Service Providers Must Address Now

Inbound call center services bridge a company to its clients. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that the call center service provider ensure maximum customer satisfaction in every call. This decides the likelihood of a client to bring more business to the company. A dissatisfied customer tends to get a bad impression about a company just based on their experience with an agent over a call. It is essential that inbound call center services immediately identify their process loopholes and strive for a better customer experience for the sake of their clients. On this note, here’s looking at the top 4 mistakes that a service provider must address now:

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Prolonged average handling time– Longer the average handling time, irater is a customer no matter how much justified the time taken is. Agents should keep the communication ongoing if they realize that they can resolve the issue over that call. Call center managers should constantly monitor such calls. They must immediately assign another agent to the call if they are not confident about the present agent’s ability to fix the issue. Inbound call center service providers must use call queuing solutions and automated call back options to let the customers about their waiting status. Such updates are functional in settling down a customer’s anxiety.

Customers have to repeat their details – This is reflective of an agent’s incompetency and their inability to pay attention to the caller. It is also a sheer wastage of the customer’s time. Ideally, agents should have the information for a customer returning with a query. They should be able to pull out information instantly from their CRM software so that the customer should not have to repeat their details. For a new customer, agents should focus on understanding and resolving the query first. They can take down the details in a separate document during the course of the query resolution. Post the issue resolution, they can enter the details in their CRM.

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Customer call transfers – Constant call transfers across departments adds to a customer’s dissatisfaction and wastes their time. This is reflective of an agent’s lack of competitiveness to resolve various kinds of queries and becomes a scalability issue. Inbound call center managers must take note of such incidents and cross train agents. Agents must improve their ability to handle various kinds of queries. This will minimize the likelihood of transferring customer calls across different agents. Call center service providers must invest in advanced software solutions that can intelligently identify a customer’s nature of query and route it to the best suited agent.

Chatbots vs human agents– Chatbots works on limited database and are programmed to deal with regular queries. The pandemic has created unique challenges for customers which cannot be solved by chatbots but requires human intelligence. Most of the chatbots do not have the requisite intelligence to go through a product damage review and decide on processing a refund. Most important, chatbots lack the personal touch which is one of the chief factors to ensure a decent customer satisfaction rate.

Parting Note

It is essential for the upper hierarchies of a call center to keep their agents motivated and aligned with their individual KPIs. Enterprises must make careful choices while partnering with inbound call center service providers. It is advised that they consider outsourcing to offshore inbound call center services Philippines. Such service providers are known to specialize on contact center technologies. Most importantly they have highly skilled resources stationed at different timelines who can cater to their clients on a 24*7 basis. 

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