Tips to Wearing Pandora Bracelets

At first, the durability and style of these pandora bracelets might prove to be a deterrent for you because you will be advised to tie a knot or wristband so it does not easily gets detangled. The buttons on these bracelets might be quite attractive but they can get uncomfortable on the skin and wear the bracelet on its widest part which is actually not very useful. The problem is not with the bracelets. The problem is with you. Well you might be interested in what you can do to wear the anklets without getting it caught. Let me tell you the beauty of these bracelets are the simple yet ingenious design.

How to Wearing Pandora Bracelets

So, let’s look at some of the tips to wearing bracelets with pandora charms. As a matter of fact it has always been said that you can never go wrong with bracelets and in this case the Pandora bracelet. From casual to formal occasion and for everything in between, Pandora bracelet is a great accessory that will always enhance your look. But if you are of high heeled or very slender build you might not be able to pull off their bracelets. If that’s the case you should go with the smaller designs. But for those of you who are out to get creative on your wrists, here are some of the tips to wearing Pandora bracelets.

Consider the Occasion of the Event

You have to decide that which occasion you would like to wear this bracelet and plan accordingly. How you wear the bracelet will also depend on whether you’ll be wearing it on your right or left arm. Remember, you will never be able to wear the real jewelry of the popular brand to any wedding, which is why it’s better to choose a secondhand one. This will be cheaper, more appropriate and will save you a lot of money.

Consider the Size of Your Wrist

If you don’t want to choose one large enough to match your wrists then try to purchase a smaller size in case your wrists are very slim. Another thing to think about is the right fit for your wrist. You can either go for a bracelet which has a flat bottom and so it will sit snugly on your wrist. Or you can go for a bracelet with a rounded bottom and so it will sit on your wrist in such a way that it would look good and won’t slip off. There are two ways you can pick the best Pandora bracelet, you can either go for the black or the grey version and pick either a longer length or a shorter length one. You will have the option to pick either a cuff or an anklet version.

Double Up

If you’re making a double bracelet for your ladies who are really into fashion, this is a great opportunity to create another bracelet with charms and then attach it to the one you made previously. To double your charm bracelet functionality you will need to have at least 3 bracelets because you can only wear 2 bracelets.

Pick a design that is feminine, bold and glamorous. You should add that extra something to your bracelet to make it more personal. If you are not sure about the matching charm bracelet right away then go for a simple one which will be easy to pair with the bracelet you are making. The bracelets that are of more popular names and have a wider range of charms are therefore highly desired and this is an opportunity to impress a close friend or loved one.

Match with Your Outfit

Another thing which you need to think about when opting for the right bracelet replica is to match with the clothes you are wearing. Also if you love to go clubbing, then you can play with the jewellery of your Pandora bracelets to get a look. You need to take into consideration the colour of the outfit too, because if you’re wearing a black outfit with glittery piece then it will look really stunning and if your skirt is dark then a dark coloured Pandora bracelet is a perfect substitute.

It’s Fashionable

Another very important reason to own a pandora bracelet is because it’s a fashion trend which everyone wants to follow, as this way you are creating a number of fashion statement which looks really good.

Wear a Watch

Nothing is better than wearing a watch. A watch shows the time, alerts you of call and text messages, keeps a track of your heart rate and gives you the best fashion advice. If you don’t have one yet, maybe today’s dating rule will be a good one. If you are dating a good guy or a man of true value, then you ought to choose a man who also wears a timepiece.

Embrace a Full Length Dress

Do you hate being noticed or do you absolutely want to get noticed in this day and age? When choosing your own wedding dress, you have to find one that strikes the perfect balance between being chic and your fun and approachable personality. A full length dress can do wonders for you as long as it is right for your figure.


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