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The Ultimate Guide To Floor Paints

Many homeowners are considering to paint their floors in 2023. Painting your floors instantly makes your place look more warm, cosy and lived in. How do you choose a perfect paint for your floors? A good quality floor paint is one which is safe to walk on, looks aesthetic, affordable and most importantly one which can withstand harsh conditions.

Painting your floors for the first time and are clueless about which floor paint for cement floor you must shop for? Here is a comprehensive guide to floor paints which will help you choose the perfect floor paint for your home.

Assess your floors

Observe you floor’s condition before you go ahead and buy a cement floor paint. If you see any holes in your floors, make sure that you sand and patch them before you start with the painting work.

Clean your floor surface

Make sure that you thoroughly clean your floors before you apply a cement floor paint on it. We recommend that you wait for the floor to dry out completely before you start the painting work.

Choose the right floor paint

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind while choosing a floor paint for your home like your budget and what your floor ensures daily. For example, if you want a slip resistant floor paint, then you must go for a paint that is fast drying. Similarly, if you are considering to paint a floor which sees a lot of footfalls, then it is advisable that you choose a floor paint that is less prone to wear and tear.

Choose a high sheen floor paint

A cement floor paint with high sheen is easy to clean and maintain. Hence, if you are someone who is looking for a floor paint that is durable and highly washable then pick one which has a high sheen.

Choose the right floor paint colour

Keep in mind the overall aesthetics of your home before you choose a floor paint colour for your home. White, black, brown and grey are some common floor paint colours that you can considering buying in 2023.

Apply the paint properly

You can use a spray, brush or a roller to apply your floor paint. If you are painting a new floor, then two coats of a high quality floor paint is enough. However, if you are painting your old floors, then we advise that you go for an additional coat of paint to increase its durability. Make sure that you let the floor paint for cement floor dry overnight after the first coat before you apply the next coat.

Ventilation is important

Make sure that you open your windows and switch on the fans while you are painting your floors to ensure that the fumes don’t get trapped inside your home.

Hire a professional

Painting your floors isn’t as easy as it seems. If you are sceptical of doing a good job, we would recommend that you hire a professional who will ensure that you get smooth and shiny floors.

Add a topcoat

Ask the guy at the paint store for a top coat recommendation if you are not sure about which top coat to use for your floor paint. Remember that it is important that you follow up your floor paint with a high quality top coat that will act as a protective layer for your floor paint and will increase its shelf life.

Plan your floor painting project

The worst mistake you can make is start painting your floors without having a plan. Figure out which section you are going to paint first so that you can let all the sections dry off completely before you walk on them.

Note that painted floors chip after some time. So, if you are a perfectionist then maybe painted floors aren’t for you. Having said that, if you maintain them properly, they can easily last you for a decent amount of period. Looking for a trendy house front colour for your new home? Visit the Asian Paints to get inspiration for house front colour for your home exterior.

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