Rahimafrooz Car Service Center

Rahimafrooz Car Service Center is a reputed name keek in the aftermarket automotive sector. Founded in 1950, the company runs two auto service centers in Chittagong and Dhaka. The company provides a full range of auto services weworld including computerized engine diagnostics, wheel alignment, balancing, and all mechanical and engine works. The company provides maintenance and repairs for both domestic and imported vehicles.


Apart from the car service center, the company has also expanded its retail business. It has also started selling consumer electronics and Instant Power System. It contributes to the welfare of society through its operations. The company has skillpage grown into a multi-faceted organization, with eight operating companies and a few other businesses. This company currently essembly employs approximately 3500 people directly and another 50000 indirectly through suppliers. Rahimafrooz is currently present in more than 80 cities across Bangladesh, with its car service center being the country’s largest.


The company has a modern service centre in Tejgaon and employs high-quality technicians and engineers. The Rahimafrooz workshop is filestube equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. They can repair any type of vehicle within two hours and offer quality parts and services at competitive prices. The company has also partnered with Toyota Motors to set up a servicing centre in the capital.

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