Driving on city streets may be dangerous because of the sheer amount of things that might go wrong. Medical expenses, pain, suffering, lost earnings, and other damages may be paid if you were injured in a vehicle accident in Queens and sued the person who struck you. Lawyers that specialize in automobile accidents in Queens may be able to assist you.

Insurance claims often pay just a tiny portion of the actual losses, and insurance companies will do everything to avoid paying any claims at all. Contact a Queens car accident lawyer immediately if you need the services of a qualified professional. They may use aggressive negotiating techniques and perhaps launch a lawsuit to help you obtain the money you deserve following a vehicle accident.


Before the jury or judge can award you any money in a car accident damage lawsuit, you must prove your case to them as the plaintiff. Car accident lawsuits are often brought based on carelessness throughout the nation, which means you don’t have to show the defendant acted maliciously to collect damages. Instead, you’ll have to show that they were careless in some way that led to your accident.

  • Demonstrating Carelessness

In a vehicle accident, negligence frequently includes basic blunders and faults that anybody might have made. The problem in this instance is that if these errors caused an accident, the driver who drove them must pay the damages.

Most vehicle accidents are caused by reckless driving, distracted driving, and intoxicated driving. Injuries may be severe if the driver’s mental condition makes it challenging to recognize hazards and slow down before a collision. In Queens, many high-speed accidents occur due to preventable mistakes on small city streets and highways.

Even if there was no actual traffic infraction, the defendant might have made reckless driving decisions that placed them at blame. Ultimately, the jury will compare the case to what an ordinary driver of reasonable caution would do.

  • Demonstrating The Identity Of The Accident’s Cause

After establishing the negligent act or omission, you must demonstrate that it caused the accident. In bad weather, weather causes many crashes, not human error. Such a collision may have been inevitable, even though the other vehicle was violating the law. This complicates certain automobile accident cases.

Causation is frequently difficult to prove since many drivers may be at fault. State law does not require a victim to be 100% innocent, and you may get compensation even if you contributed to the accident. To provide an example, if you were speeding but the other motorist was intoxicated and ran a red light, most courts would conclude that the other driver was at fault, even though you were partially at fault.

Courts may hold each motorist accountable for a share of the damages. A vehicle accident lawyer will try to place the responsibility on the at-fault drivers and minimize any damages.

A Queens Automobile Accident And The Insurance Companies

You must have no-fault vehicle insurance. This may restrict your ability to sue the other motorist directly or even make a third-party claim with their insurance carrier. Insurance firms are also infamous for misinterpreting your words and using everything against you to lower their costs. Then, they may only pay a portion of your actual damages. We can assist you in negotiating with insurance providers.

Never speak with an insurance company – even your own – without first seeing a lawyer. Insurance firms attempt to avoid paying in severe injury situations and only cover a portion of medical and lost income expenses. Car insurance usually does not cover pain and suffering damages. Therefore you will need to go to court to have them reimbursed.

Attorneys can help you bargain with insurance providers. If the insurance companies refuse to cooperate and provide fair settlements, they may take your case to trial and ask a judge and jury to give you the money you deserve.

Consult With Queens Car Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been involved in a vehicle accident, contact The Law Firm now. To assist their clients and their families, Queens car accident attorneys fight tirelessly to collect financial damages from negligent motorists as well as negotiating more reimbursement with insurance companies. Call them for a no-obligation consultation about your legal matter.

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