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Jio rockers provide pirated content, and it’s a downloading movie site. The use of Jio rockers is completely banned in India. If anyone downloads a movie using jio rockers, he will be punished by the Penal Code of India. Since this site leaks various Tamil Telugu Hollywood-Bollywood movies for free, they have many subscribers. Although the use of this website is illegal in India, customers do not stop using this site at all. They are watching and downloading movies online from this website in various ways. If you want to be a spectator like this, then this article is for you. By reading this article, you will learn how to access the jio rockers site and download movies from here.

When the movie releases:

The day the new movie is released in theaters, the jio rockers release it on their website. As a result, movie lovers don’t need to go to the cinema and watch the movie illegally from this website, which resulted in financial loss to the hall owners and producers.

File size available on jio rockers:

Jio rockers are shown in very high resolution, although movies of the exact resolution are not available. It all depends on your internet speed and what device you downloaded from. You will get a 300mb low-resolution movie for your android phone. Depending on the device, you can also get high-resolution movies of 700 mb, 1.5 Gb – 2.5 Gb.

How to access and download from jio rockers:

First, you need to turn on the VPN then use the IP address in the country where jio rockers are not restricted. After modifying the IP address, you can access jio rockers and enjoy thousands of movies and TV shows there. You can download any of those.

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