If you get into a vehicle accident, you may suffer long-term damage to your health and your ability to make money. So, rather than risk getting into an accident, why not take every precaution to prevent one in the first place? At Freeburg Law, LLC our Cheyenne car accident lawyer is dedicated to educating their clients about the most common causes of automotive accidents so that they may take steps to avoid them in the future.

Whether you’re a new driver with just a few months of experience behind the wheel or a seasoned veteran with more than 40 years of driving under your belt, this list of common causes of automobile accidents teaches new and experienced drivers alike.

Driving a vehicle is a skill that requires a lot of practice, mainly if the driver is concerned about avoiding car accidents. If you want to prevent automobile accidents for the rest of your life, use the top five causes of car accidents as a guide.

  • Using A Cell Phone While Driving

Car accidents are not caused by criminals who drink, speed or run red lights. The leading cause of automobile accidents in the United States nowadays is driver distraction. To be a distracted driver, you must be driving while your attention is diverted elsewhere, for example, by using a mobile phone, texting, or eating.

  • Speeding

On the roadway, you’ve seen them. Ten, 20, or even 30 mph above the speed limit is commonplace for many drivers who disregard the speed limit. It’s simple to create a vehicle accident when driving too fast for the conditions. If you ever need to avoid a car collision, your response time will be slowed down if you push too quickly.

  • Driving Under The Influence

Drinking impairs one’s capacity to concentrate and perform, making it unsafe to operate a car when damaged. Even though driving while impaired by alcohol is one of the most preventable causes of automobile accidents, it happens every day. If you’re going to be drinking, appoint a sober driver.

  • Careless Motoring

If you do not even drive attentively, you risk getting into an accident that might have been avoided. People who speed, make the turn too rapidly, or tailgate before a vehicle accident are more likely to be involved in a fatal collision. Take additional caution while driving near aggressive drivers since reckless drivers are typically impatient.

  • Refusing To Stop At Stop Signs

A failure to stop at a red light while driving frequently results in a vehicle collision. Because they often cause side-impact incidents at high speeds, drivers who run red lights put other people in danger by endangering their lives. As you reach a green light, scan both lanes for approaching vehicles to help prevent an accident.

  • Violations Of Traffic Regulations

If a driver ignores stop signs, they are more likely to be involved in an accident—one driver’s failure to stop at a stop sign results in hundreds of collisions per year. Running stop signs is a common cause of rollover and side-impact accidents. When approaching a stop sign, you must always look both ways.

  • Drivers Under The Age Of 21

Although youth is a misplaced virtue for the young, safe driving is never a misplaced virtue for new drivers. Teenagers, however, don’t have a good reputation for being cautious. Many vehicle accidents occur when teenagers get behind the wheel for the first time because they are inexperienced.


Getting into a vehicle accident is something no one wants to do, but you should contact an attorney right away if it does happen. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, an experienced attorney can help you avoid the expensive errors when dealing with insurance companies.

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