Importance of Low code devlopment

Every year a revolution in mobile development is expected. It seems now is the time for global change. The trendsetters remain the same – IoT, cloud computing, virtual reality, and blockchain, but that’s not what we’re going to talk about today. The schedule contains specific technologies and tools that fundamentally change the capabilities of the Android platform.

Instant App, an app that doesn’t need to be downloaded and installed and works directly in the browser, appeared in 2016. 2018 is a breakthrough year, and the following year will be a period of mass adoption. Allows you to test the app without downloading it. This makes it easier to access several key features. The size of the downloadable file is therefore reduced from 15 MB to 4 MB of functionality. According to company statistics, The introduction of Android Instant App technology has increased user video sessions by 130%. Some of the fast-paced ones include crosswords from the New York Times, Mobile TV Red Bull, and Skyscanner.

Also worth mentioning is the Android App Bundle, which is becoming the most accessible form of distributing GooglePlay apps. Initially, users only download the core of the App. It is then loaded as necessary to load the remaining working modules. Most notably, The store will offer dynamic APK downloads, allowing users to get files optimized for their specific device. And code resources for other gadgets will remain outside of the installed package. When the App is updated, Only new features will be shown. When you think about devloping you need to know mendix vs powerapps vs outsystems vs Wavemaker low code pricing.

Look for your needs first.

As an app owner or app developer, You should first look at the mobile app requirements. And select a framework from the list above.


Designer low code development platform frameworks software aims to facilitate software development by enabling designers and programmers to devote time to software compliance rather than dealing with the more standardized low-level specs to provide a functional system. This reduces overall development time. For example, teams using web frameworks to develop websites can focus on coding, especially banks, rather than the mechanics of request handling and state management.

Frameworks often increase the size of the program. Competing frameworks and complementary frameworks sometimes end up in the product. Additionally, due to the complexity of the API, reductions in overall development time may not be possible due to the additional time spent learning to implement. Use the framework This critique becomes apparent when development staff finds a new or particular framework if that framework is not used in the next assignment. The time invested in learning the framework can be more expensive than objectively written code familiar to project employees. Many programmers keep ready-made copies of documents handy for general needs.

However, when learning the framework, Future projects will be faster and easier. The idea of ​​the framework is to create a one-size-fits-all solution set. And with familiarity, Code production should increase logically. No claims About the size of the code that is grouped with the exported product. Or relative efficiency and compactness. Using any library solution requires extracting extras and unused external assets unless the software links the compiler and the object that creates a solid executable module (remote, total control, and specified). Lot of benefits of Hybrid mobile app development platform for business.

The problem continues, But more than a decade of industry experience has shown that the most efficient frameworks are those that evolve from the new generic enterprise code factorization rather than the generic “one-size-fits-all” framework. Org developed by third parties for general purposes An example of that would be how user interfaces in application packages such as office suites grow to look, feel, and features, and how information is shared. Whereas the separate applications merged into tighter and smaller packages; Newer/developed suites can be products that share utility libraries and user interfaces.

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