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How to Prevent and Cure a Hangover at Home

Going out partying is all fun and games…until the next morning. What seemed like a fun-filled evening full of dancing, shots and socialising can suddenly turn into the morning after, which is usually filled with beer fear and a big, big hangover. Being hungover is not fun and is far from the enjoyable time you had the night before. Migraines, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and muscle aches- who would even drink if this was the outcome every time? However, to put it more scientifically correct, they are essentially having alcohol withdrawal.

The main reason we suffer from hangovers is due to the effects of ethanol- which is essentially the alcohol in your drinks. Ethanol is a diuretic, which essentially means that it makes you urinate more while also causing you to become dehydrated. Therefore, the ‘hangover’ is a combination of dehydration and slight poisoning of the body’s systems. Although there are only some home remedies actually backed by science, here at We Buy Any House we have compiled our top tips on how to prevent and cure a hangover at home.

To Prevent a Hangover:

  • Avoid drinks with congeners:

Congeners are byproducts of alcohol that are formed in small amounts during production, and are generally slightly toxic for us. And as different types of alcohol contain different amounts, it’s a good idea to find drinks that have low levels- including vodka, gin and rum.

  • Stay Hydrated:

A tale as old as time, but it’s a good idea to keep drinking- but water! Dehydration can cause hangovers, so the more water you drink between alcoholic drinks, the less likely you are to feel dizzy, thirsty, fatigued and have a headache.

  • Get Plenty of Sleep:

Before and after you come home from your night out, make sure that your body is well rested. Sleep can massively help fight a hangover, so it’s a great way to wake up feeling a little more refreshed.

How to Cure a Hangover at Home:

  • Take anti-inflammatories:

Have a good old root around your medicine cupboard and see if there are any anti-inflammatories for you to take. Things such as Ibuprofen, Asprin and Naproxen are great for relieving all aches and pains, in addition to headaches. However, it’s important to be cautious, as anti-inflammatories can be irritating for your stomach lining.

  • Drink plenty of water:

As a hangover is dehydration, it’s a good idea to keep hydrated and drink lots of water. As alcohol makes you urinate more, replacing some of the lost fluid is a great way to reduce your hangover- and water is good for you regardless!

  • Eat something:

Whatever you choose to have, it’s important that you eat something if you are hungover. By eating some food, you can regulate your hangover symptoms and relieve any type of discomfort. As your body is breaking down lactic acid, you need to improve your blood sugar, and essentially “soak up” the alcohol.

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