How to make low calories cookies

When we talk about making cookies with exceptionally low calories, at first glance it seems impossible but it’s not, and here we are gonna talk about making low calories cookies. Hearing low calorie cookies sound good because there would be no butter and sugar that we all love but there is going to be an alternative to these. After having your meal everyone loves something in dessert, where many likes’ cookies but others may like something else. While having their dessert most of the people are concerned about the number of calories present in their different unique cookies especially those who have diabetes, because these cookies will keep your sugar level low, and love to eat cookies. And on the other hand, someone is may be on dieting having a calories conscious diet and also want to eat cookies, all those folks you have come to the right place or someone may be going to gym and want to keep track of his diet by consuming less sugar because when it comes to making abs, it hard to get along with sugar while you are doing gym.

These cookies I am about to tell you are soft, crispy and full of chocolate chips and you will be astonished to know that they barely have 60 calories in each of them. These cookies don’t need butter and also no sugar required. You can make these cookies in a very short period of time which is around 10-minute maximum. Cookies have few calories and a lot less fat, but on the other hand without compromising on taste and flavor of the desert. These cookies are dairy free, gluten free and are soft, crispy that melts in your mouth along with chocolate chips that give you the fine taste you want. The dairy items or products may cause inflammation in some particular people who have allergic reactions to the dairy products leading to digestive problems therefore keeping in mind these people as well we have made dairy free cookies so we are not going to use butter here. These cookies are low in fat, calories and don’t have butter or eggs hence low in cholesterol levels as well these are 100% organic which means you can consume it safely. Now follow the instructions given down below.

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Time Required

Preparation Time 10 min
Cook time 9 min
Total Time 19 min
Production 15-20 Cookies


  • Flour

Use white but whole wheat flour without gluten in it, which adds fiber but also retains its flavor and taste as same as the white flour we use often. But according to your taste and liking you can use a mixture of white and whole wheat flour. Use whole grain flour which needs to be gluten free for making low fat and low calories cookies. This whole wheat flour keeps the same nutritional facts as the normal flour.

  • Salt

Add some salt to make the taste of the cookies better while not affecting the overall sweetness.

  • Chocolate Chips

Use sugar free chocolate chips, but if you want then you can any type of chocolate chips. These have low calories and have antioxidants properties which keeps our health good.

  • Baking Soda andBaking Powder

With the help of the combination of these agents, cookies can be thick and puffy which looks appealing in taste and look.

  • Unsweetened Applesauce

Unsweetened Applesauce makes our cookies low in calories and fat by replacing the sugar and providing moisture to cookies.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used in little amounts to prevent cookies from becoming gummy or thick and dense. We use coconut oil to replace the traditional butter which makes the cookies soft and melt into the mouth.

  • Granulated Sweetener

You can use any type of zero calorie or sugar free granulated sweetener. Here we are going to use swerve brown sugar but you can use any brand you trust and like the most. This is refined brown sugar which is sugar free. You can also use raw honey, coconut palm sugar or pure maple syrup etc. it’s the key to make cookies sugar free thus making low calories cookies. The dark brown sugar also keeps our cookies moisture.

  • Vanilla Extract

This is crucial for making nice and appealing cookies. Use pure vanilla extract.

  • Corn Starch

Cornstarch replaces the needs of eggs by holding the cookies together because our goal is to make the cookies without fat and calories.


  • 2cups whole wheat flour or regular flour but gluten free.
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt.
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips(sugar free).
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 table spoon baking powder.
  • 1/4 unsweetened applesauce.
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil.
  • 1/4 table spoon brown sugar or coconutsugar (sugar free).
  • 3 table spoons granulated sugar or raw honey (sugar free).
  • 1 table spoon vanilla extract.
  • 2 table spoon corn starch as your taste.
  • Optional 1/3 cup macadamia chopped walnuts.


Take all the ingredients aside, and mix your flour, baking powder, baking soda, corn starch, salt, and set for some time. Now take a big bowl, and add sweetener, coconut oil, unsweetened applesauce and vanilla extract and mix it all together. Stir with rubber spatula by hands or machine for a while to make it evenly. Carefully fold in the chocolate chips with the help of a rubber spatula.With the help of hands make 12 small cookies of 1 and ½ inches in diameter with dough and then place them on a baking sheet with some adorable space between them. Bake your cookies at 180 C/350 F for about 9 to 10 minutes or bake them until you see the edges become golden and light brown. Now take out your cookies from the oven and cool them on the pan for about 10 minutes.Cool them properly than transfer them on a dish or something.

Nutrition Facts

Each of the cookie has: 60 calories, 2g fats, 0 cholesterol, 14g carbohydrate, 1g fiber, 1g protein. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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