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Fixing 6 AC Problems According To Aircon Service Expert

An air conditioner (aircon) is a must-have appliance nowadays. It creates a comfortable environment for you to sleep. That is why homeowners always schedule regular maintenance for their aircon so it can perform efficiently.

What happens if you do not maintain your aircon?

It can bring trouble all of a sudden. Find out the common six AC problems and how to fix or prevent them, according to an aircon service expert.

AC does not turn on

There are various reasons why AC does not turn on after you press the power button on the thermostat or aircon’s remote control. It can be as simple as the controller needs a battery replacement or other reasons, such as:

  • Remote control or thermostat issues
  • Broken wiring
  • Tripped circuit breaker
  • Blown fuse

You can fix the problems by checking the battery of your aircon’s controller. Also, check your circuit breaker if it is tripped or not. Lastly, for a blown fuse or broken wiring, it would be best to schedule an appointment with your electrician to fix the problems.

Not cooling as expected

Have you ever turned on your aircon for hours yet the temperature in the room is still not chilly enough?

The most common reasons for it to happen are:

  • Filters need cleaning
  • Wrong setting on the thermostat or remote control
  • Extremely soiled outdoor unit

As homeowners, you can fix or prevent them easily. For the remote control or thermostat, ensure the AC’s controller is set to cool mode.

Also, check the air filters inside the indoor unit. If it needs cleaning, you can wash them with water, get rid of the dust with a vacuum cleaner, or refer to the owner’s manual for cleaning a particular AC filter.

Regarding a dirty outdoor unit, it is best to call your aircon contractor to handle it. They can give thorough cleaning that does not mess up the components.

Forming ice on the components of your aircon

Do not be surprised if one day you find there is forming ice on the surface of certain components of your aircon.

How is that possible?

It happens because of restricted airflow. The lack of necessary airflow occurs due to the accumulation of dirt and dust. Therefore, the unit lacks the air needed for the refrigeration cycle.

When this trouble occurs, it would be better to turn off the aircon for a while so the ice can melt. Place a towel or dry cloth to catch the falling water from the melting ice. Afterwards, clean the air filter to solve the problem.

However, if ice keeps forming although the filter is already clean, please reach your aircon contractor to inspect your system further.

Gas leak

The refrigeration cycle is the science of how aircon can cool indoor space. Air conditioning refrigerant or gas plays a crucial part in this cycle. However, the gas can leak due to malfunctions in the system.

Some signs of a gas leak in your system are:

  • Indoor unit only blows warm air
  • Forming ice in your system
  • It takes longer to cool your space
  • Noise from the indoor unit
  • A sudden increase in electricity bill

An aircon gas leak needs professional assistance because it can be dangerous. It would be best to schedule an appointment with your aircon contractor if you notice some signs of a gas leak. They can run a series of tests to check and fix the problem.

Also, they can perform aircon gas top up when necessary.

Water leak

Water that leaks out of your aircon are a pain in the neck. It is the most common AC problem. Mostly, it happens because of a dirty unit or clogged drain lines.

You can prevent or fix these problems by doing proper maintenance for your unit. In addition, you can vacuum and flush the inside of the aircon’s drain lines if you can access them easily.

Odour out of aircon

A clean aircon lets you breathe fresh air.

However, it can be a house for dust, mould, or sticky debris if extremely soiled due to inadequate maintenance.

Aside from doing regular cleaning, homeowners should consider aircon chemical cleaning too. It is a more thorough cleaning than a regular one. Hence, it keeps your old unit from becoming a house for sticky mould or debris.

The takeaways

You can prevent common Ac problems from happening. The easiest and best thing to do is maintain its cleanliness regularly. Doing so would preserve your aircon and help it performs effectively.

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