Compensation After a Traffic Accident: What You Should Know

If you want to claim compensation from an insurance company after a traffic accident, you first have to prove the damage. No dedicated specialist knowledge is required for this, but essential compensation items are quickly forgotten so that you can lose money. This does not have to be because the legal fees are also part of the claim for damages.

This means that the assertion of damages through a law firm is free of charge for you because the counter-insurance has to bear these costs as part of the damages. However, if you want to try the regulation yourself, you will find non-exhaustive information here on how to claim damages after an accident.

Hiring a personal injury attorney is essential if you want to secure your claim and win your case. Naqvi Injury Law has a top rated PI attorney who will help you secure compensation fast. There are several things you should understand about compensation claims that will help you win easily. Here’s what you should know.

Who Pays Damages After a Traffic Accident

Once the opposing liability insurance has been determined, the claims can then be asserted. Each damage item must be documented because, as a victim, you must provide evidence of the damage that has occurred. Only a few damage items can be asserted across the board.

As a rule, the property damage is proven by a cost estimate or an expert report. The cost estimate is the more cost-effective variant, whereas the fee-based expert opinion offers some advantages. The costs for the expert opinion are also a compensation item, as are the legal fees.

What Evidence Do I Have to Submit for Compensation?

For the vehicle damage, you need a cost estimate or an expert report. These documents are provided with the claim no. or the license plate number submitted to the relevant insurance company. This is where claims settlement begins.

In this respect, it is advisable to submit a description of the damage or an accident sketch to the insurance company, as you also must cooperate in settlement of claims.

After the vehicle has been repaired, the repair cost invoice will be submitted to the insurance company again so that items such as sales tax can also be readjusted. So it is a step-by-step process of claiming damages.

Which Items Can Be Considered as Compensation?

The damage can be roughly divided into four categories. These are damage to the car, personal injury, other damage, and other ancillary costs.

Compensation for Pain and Suffering: Personal Injury

If you are injured in a traffic accident, you are entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. It is a “cheap” compensation in money. Compensation for pain and suffering is overall non-material damage. The amount of compensation for pain and suffering depends on the specific type of injury and impairment. The jurisprudence and thus the insurance companies are based on so-called compensation tables.

Treatment costs: These are, for example, the practice fee or other additional payment bills for treatment.

Loss of earnings: If the accident victim sustained injuries resulting from the accident that permanently or temporarily hindered him in his employment, he must also be compensated for the loss of earnings suffered.

Housekeeping damage: Housekeeping damage was formerly also known as housewife damage. This is the additional time required by accident in the household. The household management damage can also be asserted fictitiously by extrapolating how much extra time is needed for household tasks. Specific household help must also be reimbursed, although the injury must be of a certain intensity. This is measured based on specific benchmarks of the jurisprudence depending on the severity of the injuries suffered by the injured party in the accident. There is no way of having the amount of compensation for pain and suffering determined by an expert opinion.

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