5 best pedestrian rules vs. reality in Bakersfield.

According to a study conducted in Nov 2021 by turnto23 news, Bakersfield is considered the second most dangerous area for pedestrians because many fatalities were observed. Make sure to get in touch with Bakersfield pedestrian accident lawyers for expert advice if you are around Bakersfield.

What are a few reasons for pedestrian accidents?

Usage of Mobile phones:

We see young adult teenage kids moving around either talking or texting on the phone. The mishaps due to selfies have their scary number. People tend to get engrossed in the conversation so much that there is no sanity of being on the road. Listening to music on the road with earbuds on tends to take you away from the more important task of walking, creating a dangerous situation.

Not following the rules of Freeway and Highways:

Freeways and Highways are not for pedestrians. Still, we see a lot of people using them. Speed limits of Freeways/Highways are different from residential areas, and hence, it creates risk for pedestrians and vehicles on the freeway.

Not using crosswalks:

Some pedestrians do not use Crosswalks made for crossing over.

Night walking: 

Pedestrians walking during the night need to be extra vigilant compared to daylight. Avoiding is the best.

Not walking facing the traffic:

Pedestrians who walk along with the traffic increase the chances of accidents.

The number of fatalities is generally seen more in older adults, and Bakersfield witnessed 20 pedestrian fatalities in 2021. Negligence and not abiding by the rules meant for pedestrians’ safety are the main reasons for such fatalities.

What are the simple things to follow?

  • Follow the pedestrians’ rule
  • Use the crosswalks meant for pedestrians.
  • Avoid listening to music, talking on the phone, or texting while walking.
  • Don’t get distracted while crossing over.
  • Do not use freeways and highways for walking.
  • If you are walking during the night, wear reflective clothing. Use a phone light while walking at night.
  • If you are walking on the highway or freeway, walk facing the traffic, which will lessen the risk of any accidents by manifolds.
  • Be extra vigilant when an older adult walks on the road since they do not have the sharp senses to react to any urgent situation. So it is your responsibility to take over at this time.

However careful you are, if you are not following the rules meant for pedestrians, it tends to get risky for everyone on the road.

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