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YTS Torrent is a well known torrent program that offers free movie-streaming services. It was released in April 2021, and has become one of the most popular download programs for the software. The service is offered in two versions, Basic and Pro. The basic version is usually available for free but the Pro version can be purchased and used on a monthly basis.

YTS HENTO provides free download of movies from many Hollywood and internationalpirate websites. This is an important service provided by yts because it acts as a gatekeeper against piracy websites on the internet. It has effectively stopped the free download sites from loading copyrighted or illegal files from piracy websites. In addition, this application has implemented a unique identification feature that stops the free sites from using its service for further purposes.

As earlier mentioned, yts is meant to provide a safe way to watch online movies. This is because it has implemented a code in its website that blocks all movies with a copyrighted connection. Furthermore, it also offers a list of movies with movie piracy warnings. These movies will not play unless you have paid the required fee. The main features of yts include:

Limited movie downloads: yts offers only a small list of premium movies like Harry Potter, Twilight, and Lord of the Rings. This is to avoid the pirating of famous and popular movies. As a result, the user will be able to view only the movies he wants. Free yts movie like Scrub, Everybody Loves Raymond, and How I Live Now are not present in the site. This is an important part of the service because it reduces the risk of getting caught for movie piracy.

Paid membership: yts has an option for paid memberships wherein it allows users to watch unlimited movies and TV shows. Movies such as Sherlock Holmes, Bridget Jones Diary, and Just Shoot Me are among the available titles for membership. Other websites offer a small library of movies and TV shows but the ones listed here include popular movies and shows which are more popular than others. This is another feature of yts that is aimed to prevent piracy and to encourage people to join the website.

Online movie piracy is a very serious problem. Many artists and companies have lost millions from their business because of illegal downloads. Therefore, companies are always on the lookout for reliable sites that can prevent this from happening. The website of yts seems to be a good choice since it is relatively new and is not known for other illegal sites. It is also a legal service, unlike other websites that have failed to solve this problem effectively.

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