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Your First Mobile Home: Things to Keep in Mind

Before you buy your first mobile home, you have to learn numerous things about it. Don’t worry, they are simple to learn and keep in mind. You need to understand the difference between modular and manufactured types and be able to find the manufacturer you trust. You may find numerous tips on the Mobile Home Life portal, and here you will learn the basics.

Brief History for Nerds

You can meet different names for mobile homes. Many people still confuse it for the trailer, which is not true at all. Another synonym is that manufactured home looks more natural. The term appeared in 1976 when the HUD implemented new standards for mobile homes. No matter what you call it, a mobile home is the building manufactured on the plant and transported to the place of your choice. It has small chassis used during transportation.

There are 2 types of mobile homes:

  1. Manufactured. This type is really mobile. It comes assembled to the place you pick. The relocation may not be simple, but it is still possible. You have to hire professional movers and the car as an escort. You will not be able to move it for a big distance. This type of home is attached to the ground after the installation. You can place it on the permanently built foundation, although it is not designed for this. You may consider this possibility if you want a basement to hide from tornadoes, for example;
  2. Modular. They are built in factories and installed on a permanent foundation. Some professionals call them “kit homes.” They are made inside the factories in sections in specific environments, so you would not have to deal with mildew, wind, snow, or rain since these homes were made in consideration of these conditions. The first modular houses appeared back in 1908 in the US. These homes are popular mainly on the West Coast and Midwest. Before you buy this type of house, you need to call the contractor to build the foundation so the home can be put together on top of it.


High quality is crucial for these homes, no matter what type you pick. You can address the HUD Code from 1976 regarding the standards of quality. Manufacturers have to stick to the following points:

  • The quality of building material must match the standards;
  • Construction must go according to the standards;
  • Transportability has to be provided based on standards;
  • Interior Designers In Trivandrum that has to be included in the price;
  • Durability and strength of the house come with guarantees from the manufacturer;
  • The company developer has to act due to the Electrical, HVAC, and plumbing codes. They have to make sure that there is energy efficiency as well;
  • The code must approve the fire resistance of the house.

Pick the Home

Before you choose anything from the options your manufacturer offers, think about the following questions. Answer them in advance:

  • How many people will live there with you? If you plan to extend the family, you should think about it in advance. Typically, mobile homes are limited in the area;
  • Do you need one bedroom or more? You have to warn the manufacturer, so the company can offer you the optimal solution;
  • Do you need one bathroom or more?;
  • If you need extra rooms, you have to discuss it too. If you are ok with their standard planning, you can sign the agreement;
  • If you plan to work from home, you may need extra room for the office. However, the COVID unexpected lockdown revealed that there are numerous situations we can’t predict. It is always to have a spare room, no matter whether you will turn it into a guest room, nursery, or office;
  • If you need rooms of different sizes, ask your manufacturer whether it is possible. Some companies take extra charges for re-planning. It is better to discuss everything in advance.

Many people consider mobile homes as temporary places for living. They plan to move to the long-term classic home once they save enough money or decide to settle down. If you consider a mobile home the permanent solution, you have to take care of the land that will become the foundation for the house and extra space for numerous occasions. It is better to spend more money on a place that matches all your demands and will stay with you forever than to opt for cheaper construction and look for a new building in the next few years.

Size Matters

You may be wondering whether there is a possibility of having several rooms in the mobile home since it is usually associated with small areas. Yes, these homes are smaller than conventional ones. Yet, they are not the tiny homes you have built in Minecraft. Numerous manufacturers offer extended options for families. You can easily find 2 rooms or even 3 rooms projects. The double-wide home of manufactured type may reach 2000 sq ft without losing its quality and reliability. You may ask for 4 bedrooms in such models.

If you go with a standard one floorplan, the place may be limited, but you will save money. A double floor plan offers more flexibility and allows you to change the original project, increasing the space for the kitchen or adding an extra bathroom, for example.

Plan Wisely

Don’t waste your time deciding how many rooms you want and whether you can put the wardrobe inside. It is always better to arrange a meeting or call the manufacturer. Check out their portfolios, and discuss the space you need and prices. That is how you can gather all the information that will be useful for you. Once you have it, re-read this article and decide which option will suit your specific situation. Contact the company you like the most.

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