WhatsApp Marketing Campaign For Small Business

Customers have a penchant for making hasty choices. Spending an extra minute on a conversation with a business or service is a luxury that not everyone can afford when communicating with them. Bring your brand as close as possible to your audience to save their time and resources.

WhatsApp marketing initiatives can supplement, if not completely replace, established methods of client communication. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of WhatsApp marketing software and how you can use them to your marketing objectives.

Why Use WhatsApp For Small Businesses?

Consider the following scenario: your travel date is coming, but you can’t locate your ticket or receipt in your inbox. You can’t find your reservation code on the airline’s official website because you don’t recall it. Would you instead phone the airline and wait 20 minutes for someone to answer your question? Or would you prefer to send an SMS to the customer service staff and have your docs in no time? Why not offer your customers a similar experience?

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You can provide smooth and reliable customer care without making your customers go the additional mile and fill out complicated forms if you use WhatsApp for your business. Your customers will have a written record of the entire chat that they can refer to at any time. This messenger can be used to improve any part of the funnel. Customers get a one-stop solution for sales and customer service when they use WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has taken over the world, and it is now the most popular means of communication. Imagine having a conversation with 2 billion possible contacts. You can do the following with a WhatsApp marketing campaign:

  • Improve brand recognition; leverage rich multimedia format possibilities
  • Increase customer retention and happiness
  • Provide superior customer care with numerous agents using a shared inbox and centralized dashboard
  • Make your brand available 24/7 and speed up the communication process
  • Win user interaction with a high open and reaction rate; automate communications to save time and money
  • Avoid redundancy in the customer registration

How to Start your WhatsApp Marketing Campaign?

It may appear perplexing at first—all of these chatbots, automated communications, verification steps, and so on. No coding is required. It’s a straightforward setup procedure, safe to say as easy as setting up your WhatsApp account.

1.    Target Audience + Offer

Understand your target audience and tighten your offer to make the most of it. Do people contact you to talk about a product or to fix a problem? What languages do they communicate in? What are the significant sources of their distress? Make sure you can resolve common issues without sending consumers back to your website; otherwise, it’s not worth it to start a WhatsApp campaign at all.

Working on an acceptable tone of voice for your WhatsApp marketing is another item to consider. You must develop a credible brand identity that reflects your entire company. WhatsApp marketing necessitates an even more informal, warm, and individualized approach than, say, email marketing.

2.    Choose Whatso to Get WhatsApp API

Setting up your WhatsApp API client takes a lot of effort and resources. Instead, collaborate with a WhatsApp Business API solution provider like Whatso and use their platform.

In this situation, you will have access in a few days, with no hiccups or complications. You can do away with writing any code. Because you’ll be working with WhatsApp-approved partners, you can trust them without worrying about data security or other issues.

Before contacting a Whatso, you might take the following steps:

  • Make a Facebook Business Manager ID and verify it.
  • Get a phone number that isn’t linked to a WhatsApp account.
  • Create a display name that has a clear connection to your company.

3.    Curate a Customer Strategy

Consider whether a team of agents or a chatbot would be best suited to manage all interactions. Almost every WhatsApp API solution provider has an easy-to-use conversational chatbot generator, but client communication still requires human interaction.

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In the best-case scenario, you offer customized automated messages while also giving them the option of speaking with a human. Although advanced chatbots can answer most questions, operators must still keep an eye on the dialogue. Ascertain that your customer service crew is committed and that their performance is monitored.

4.    Get the Contacts

Business-initiated and user-initiated messages are available in the WhatsApp Business solution. Users can only communicate with your brand through the WhatsApp Business API if they are opt-in.

5.    Guideline for the Finishing Line

It is incredibly vital to follow WhatsApp’s policies. Give the WhatsApp guidelines a thorough reading before dipping your toes in the water. Because all of your template messages will be verified, acting according to the platform’s standards is in your best interest.

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The Bottomline

WhatsApp Business can bring your company closer to your customers and make them feel important. Learn about them, ask them questions, engage with them, and use their input to better your products and services. So, get started with your first WhatsApp campaign, and try Whatso WhatsApp marketing software and get ready to experience a surge of revenue boost for your business.

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