What to do with Blocked Drains?

Overflowing drains are always a huge nuisance but when you can catch the problem in the initial stages, fixing is easier. This way, you can avoid serious conditions like electrical damage, overflows, and leaks. Plumbing fixtures in the house may clog and this includes your sink, shower, toilet, and tub. Clogging of the drain pipes can be due to a variety of reasons and some of these are the following.

Substances and food

These do not dissolve easily and fibrous food, non-food things, egg shells, oil, and grease build inside the pipes. There is drain clogging over time. Leaving this unaddressed attracts drain flies, so call the plumbers Sydney to fix the problem quickly.

Hair and soap

Hair washing down drains when showering or washing the hair clogs drain lines. Besides washing, cutting or combing this over sinks also leads to clogging and another culprit is soap. While soap separately may not cause any problems, combined with substances like soap forms solid clumps to clog the drain. Traditional bars include fat or grease and this does not wash down drains and cause clogging.

Toys and other objects

Children’s toys gone down the drain or flushed in the toilet may cause clogging along with flushing of tampons and paper towels.

What to do with blocked drains?  Some solutions

  • Wire hanger: For unclogging, you may use a wire hanger bent at one end to form a hook and push this through drains to fish out the objects causing the clog. Pull out the substances like hair and run hot water to clear blockage.
  • Plunger: Another good option is the plunger but use this properly for the best results. Make sure that the initial plunging is not forceful because you want to force out the air from the bell without splattering. This is necessary with hardwood flooring in bathroom and kitchen. After getting out the water, plunge more forcefully while keeping the tool in place firmly. You may need one dozen plunges to clear the blockage and there should be enough toilet water to cover the tool.
  • Vinegar and baking soda: mix equal amounts of vinegar and baking soda to create a fizz and pour this down the drain immediately. This fizzing action breaks down the grime, hair, and gunk. Let this sit there for one hour or leave this overnight for the best results to resolve the issue of blocked drain Sydney. Now flush this with hot water. You can also use baking soda first and then add vinegar. Pouring boiling water slowly also clears blockage.

Prevent clogging of drains

Avoid the entry of grease and hair in the drain to prevent clogging. A guard over the drain catches hair frequently so that it does not enter the drain. In the kitchen scrape dishes over trashcan first to remove any leftover food. This is whether you hand wash the dishes or use the dishwasher.

Maintain drains regularly by pouring boiling water weekly or use one cup vinegar instead followed by hot water use.

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