What to consider when buying a welding machine

Welding is a skill that requires you to be careful and fully aware of what you are doing. Identify whether the machine will be used at home or for commercial use. This article talks about the different machine types, power output and input, cycle duty and inverter or transformer machines.

Selecting the best machine requires you to look at the brand quality, performance and type. The price differs in size too but the factors and features to look at is also as important. This machine mainly melt metals so that the melted pieces can be joined together.


Shielded Metal Arc or Stick Welding

It is used in industrial fabrication, repair and maintenance, construction and underwater pipelines. This machine is portable that’s why is mainly used at home and in workshops. It can weld rusted metal pieces together.

Gas Tungsten Arc or TIG Welding

The electrode used is made of tungsten and it melts and joins the metal pieces with the right amount of heat. This welding is mainly used on thin metals so as to weld them.

Flux-cored Arc Welding

Although this welding is almost similar to Gas Metal Arc Welding, the machine is mainly used to weld thick metals and machines. The electrode combined with metal is filled with flux which protects the machine against harsh weather while it’s welding outside. A popular model among arc welding machines is heavy duty welding machine.

Gas Metal Arc or MIG Welding

An electrode is used in this welding and a shielding gas is used to prevent contamination. No cleaning is required since the produced weld is clean and strong. It’s also easy to learn how to use it.

It can be run on different metals which have different gauge size and thickness. It is used to build and create homes as well as repair vehicle exhausts in car industry. The welding machine price in Kenya for this kind of welding is a bit cheaper because it is mostly used at home.

Cycle duty

This represents the period the machine operates before it’s stopped to be cooled. It is rare for the machine to operate for long hours without being stopped to cool since the heat absorbed could lead to it spoiling.

As you are looking at the prices of welding machines in Kenya, also know the cycle duty of your machine so that you are aware of how often you will need to stop it.

Power output and input

Each machine has a different power input. Light machines require 120V input, 240V for machines that perform difficult tasks and three power phase input for machines used for bigger projects such as industrial projects.

A machine with a higher power output produces excessive heat that can make a weld by melting the metal.

Inverter or transformer machines

Transformer machines need transformers to operate it. They are very durable and commonly used by workshops and garages. Inverter machines operate on an inverter and are compact, refined and portable. The machine is easy to use and performs very well.


While buying a machine in Kenya, it’s very important to select the best machine that best suits its main agenda. The machine prices are pocket friendly and with the different types you can select one that you can afford but is also durable.

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