What can damage your vocal cords?

Have you ever felt your voice becoming hoarse after screaming and cheering at a concert? Or have you felt your voice fade after a night of karaoke with friends? It’s due to vocal cord damage. Overusing your voice or using a high-pitched voice can damage your vocal cords. Taking care of your vocal cords is vital to keep your voice intact, especially if you’re fond of singing or being a professional singer.

3 habits that can damage your vocal cords

1. Overusing your voice

No, we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t talk. However, screaming in a high-pitched voice too much can be detrimental to your vocal cords. It can cause temporary or permanent damage to your vocal cords. Take breaks while speaking and talk in a conversational and calm tone. Use your voice wisely.

2. Habitual throat clearing

Clearing your throat now and then, before or after speaking or singing is considered normal. Did you know that clearing your throat can cause wear and tear to your vocal cords? Clearing the throat is a common practice due to mucus or for preparing to speak. It can irritate your vocal cords and also cause inflammation. Steam inhalation is a better alternative to get rid of the mucus stuck in your throat.

3. Ignoring acid reflux

Acid reflux is a common problem, but many people don’t know its effect on the vocal cords. Acid reflux causes the acidic stomach fluid to travel up your digestive tract. It can cause Laryngopharyngeal reflux if the stomach acid comes in contact with your vocal cords or throat. Due to this, you may feel burning or irritation in your throat and cause laryngitis, coarse voice, and discomfort. Additionally, it may hinder the process of recovery of any other vocal injuries you may have.

4. Singing without training

Singing without knowing anything about how to hit the right notes may damage your vocal cords. People tend to bend musical notes that traumatize your vocal cords if done without training.

5. Being vocal during bronchitis/flu

Bronchitis and flu often make it difficult for people to talk. Talking forcefully when your vocal cords are already not functioning properly can damage them further.

How to fix your damaged vocal cords?

Usually, minor damages to the vocal cords heal themselves with time. In any case, consult an ENT specialist in Karachi or near you to get the treatment you require. You may find some of the tops ones at Other than that, here are a few things that you can do to take care of your voice:

●  Rest your voice

Lay off speaking for a while or talk in a lower voice without putting pressure on your chords.

●  Drink plenty of fluids

Keep your water intake high to keep your throat from drying a lot and staying free of mucus. If you live in a dry climate, try to drink at least 8 to 12 glasses a day. Moreover, drinking herbal teas can also soothe the throat.

●  Warm or salt water gargles

Gargling with lukewarm water or water with salt can ease your throat and clear it of mucus as well.

Keeping up with habits that can hurt your vocal cords can lead to vocal injuries. Don’t ignore the health of your vocal cords to keep them strong in the long run.

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