Want to fine-tune your career? Top 4 programming languages to master in 2022  

Why should you learn a programming language when there are other career options for you? 

Maybe you just want to begin your career as a programmer or you want to enhance your career role. The next question would be what programming language should you choose? 

Programming languages are the pillars of front-end and back-end development. Hence, a promising and rewarding career is waiting for you if you learn in-demand languages. For that, you need to have a clear understanding of the types of programming languages. 

Without further ado, let’s begin. 

What are programming languages? 

In their simplest form, programming languages are used to write the code which provides the instructions for the computer to do anything. These code lines are written in a human-understandable syntax, often before being translated into something the computer understands better with a compiler. Visit here liangzhongmiye online best website

Let’s take a look at the types of programming languages. 

  • Functional programming language– It is based on mathematical equations, which are designed to handle the list processing applications and symbolic computation. If anyone is working with big data, then these languages will be effective for them. Scala, PHP, SQL, Haskell, Rust are a few of the renowned programming languages. 
  • Logic programming language– Logical programs are the set of languages written in a logical form. It expresses the rules and facts of some problem domain. Although logical programming provides varieties of flexibility, it doesn’t represent the computational concepts. ALF, XSB, ASLOG are logic programming languages. 
  • Scripting programming languages– These languages are specifically used to create special run time which automates task execution. It is great for eliminating time-consuming tasks and automating the workflow. However, it consumes enough time to build and test the upfront. Python, Bash, Ruby, and Perl. 

Some of the popular programming languages 

You already know that there are a plethora of programming languages. Based on your intention, you can learn any programming language. However, you can start with a beginner-friendly language. Afterward, you can move forward to a high-level language to hone your skills. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular languages and their salient features. 

1. Python 

It’s a general-purpose programming language that is beginner-friendly. It’s a powerful yet versatile language for both beginners and advanced users. Most of the tech giant companies use Python in some form these days. 

You can read and understand Python quite easily. Consequently, you can do a few more things as a beginner since this language is easy to stick to. Python can be used for scientific computing, data science, data visualization, automation, and much more. Versatility is the main reason for Python’s high demand. Not only web developers, but even data analysts, data engineers, and software engineers also use Python. 

  • What job opportunities will I have after learning Python? 

Based on your proficiency, various roles are waiting like back-end developer, full-stack developer, data scientist, data analyst. 

  • How soon will I get a job?

Once you complete your Python course, start facing the job interviews. Based on your knowledge-depth and negotiation skills, you will soon land a job. 

2. Ruby

This language is similar to Python and it is one of the easiest languages to understand. Candidates who don’t have any prior coding experience can pursue the Ruby course. Ruby language is very popular nowadays and it is widely used for web development, and has a lot of community driven resources for learning. As the Ruby community is agile and helpful, you can expect a lot of free information readily available. 

Ruby on Rails is an awesome full-stack solution, which is what a lot of start-ups and enterprise businesses are using. Groupon, Hulu, Airbnb are some of the sites which are built on Ruby on Rails. 

  • What job opportunities will I have after learning Ruby?

Based on your skills and knowledge, you may get the opportunity to work as a software engineer/back-end developer. 

  • How soon will I get a job?

Once you complete the course, start applying for the respective position. Based on your proficiency level, you will get a job. 

3. JAVA 

It is a widely-used programming language that is used in web and application development. This language is quite old and no longer the hot thing for new projects, still, the demand is high due to the need to maintain existing infrastructure. Java is a feature-rich and object-oriented programming language, which also works as a cross-platform language, which made it one of the most desired languages in years past. 

In the app development space, Java is still used for iOS app and android app development. It’s not a very beginner-friendly language. You might need the time to deploy your first project. Few major tech companies use JAVA on the back end. Google and Airbnb utilize this language for their operations. 

  • What job opportunities will I have after learning Java?

You may get the roles of a back-end developer/full-stack developer/data scientist/data analyst based on your proficiency level. 

  • How soon will I get a job? 

As Java needs more proficiency in terms of knowledge gathering, you need the perseverance to learn the language from the ground up. However, once you are skilled enough, hatch up on your next steps. 

4. PHP

It’s a server-side language that is widely used to build websites. Consequently, it is also used to build web-based applications. If anyone wants to build a website, there’s a good chance PHP is involved somewhere.

You can learn PHP as the first programming language. There is an ongoing demand for PHP developers. Therefore learning PHP would be conducive for you to start your programming journey. 

  • What job opportunities will I have after learning PHP?

You can apply for a full-stack web developer or Back-end developer based on your knowledge and proficiency- if you want to be a full-stack developer you might want to brush up on HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Wrapping it up

Woo, you just learned what programming language would be best for you, and when to apply for a job respectively. 

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