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While it might not be the most popular streaming service, Tubi offers hundreds of shows and movies. The free service also features fewer advertisements than regular cable or satellite TV. Its library contains award-winning movies, TV series, kids shows, anime, and classics. New shows are added every week as well, and there are no commercials. The free service can be a great way to spend sick days. Here are some of the advantages of Tubi.

The content library includes more than 30,000 titles, and it’s available across 25 platforms. The apps for iOS, Android, and web are available in the US, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Despite its free-streaming nature, Tubi is a good choice for fans of popular television shows and movies. Its streaming service also features popular movies and series from NBC, ABC, and TBS. The service is not limited to Hollywood and has a broader range of programs than its competitors.

Tubi also provides access to all four seasons of The Masked Singer on Fox. The popular show stars actors disguised in elaborate costumes. A spin-off of The Masked Singer is also available on Tubi. Although the platform has yet to announce whether it will feature original content, the quality of its programming is consistently high. It includes contemporary titles and classic TV shows. Its selection includes movies and TV series of different genres. And it also includes a wide range of genres.

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