Top 9 Best Bathroom Design Apps

If you’re on a tight budget, you may want to consider a free app for bathroom design. RoomSketcher offers a free version with some basic features, but its paid versions offer more features. The VIP and Pro plans cost $49 and $99, respectively. The Tile 3D app is ideal for those who don’t want to hire a professional bathroom designer but still want to create a bathroom that looks great. It also offers a video tutorial and a library of bathroom products and room sizes.


The online variant of this app is available for free. It supports 2D design work and includes floor plans, diagrams, and charts. It’s also easy to use, even for people who don’t have much experience in interior design. Users also can download community projects for free and modify them. The downside is that it’s pretty expensive compared to some other apps. Still, if you’re looking for a free app, HomeByMe is an excellent bathroom design apps.


FloorPlanner is a popular choice, and it has been around for seven years. It offers 2D and 3D renderings with a click. It’s free to use and includes a basic initial design, but you can modify it and even add furniture. It also offers a library of 3D items and regularly updates its list of new products. The app can help you plan your bathroom, so it’s worth looking at it.

DreamPlan Home Design:

DreamPlan Home Design simplifies the entire bathroom design process and is highly intuitive. It lets you change various room elements, including their layout, colors, and furniture. The app also allows you to save a PDF version of the designed bathroom model so you can make modifications at any time. If you want to try the app yourself, though, download the free version and get started! You’ll be amazed at what it can do for you!


Foyr provides everything you need to design your next project, including community support, training, and 60,000+ ready-to-use products. You can drag and drop products to your design project or create a completely custom item from scratch. Foyr even offers 3D modeling, floor planning, and custom items so that you can save thousands of dollars on expensive computer upgrades. If you’re looking for high-quality bathroom design apps, Foyr is an excellent choice.

Room Design 3D:

Whether a professional or an amateur, you can use the iPad and iPhone apps to plan your new bathroom. Room Design 3D lets you make 3D room layouts, insert objects and connections, and create a floor plan. Another free program is My Dream Home Interior Design, which lets you recreate the bathroom you want like a professional. Using built-in photos, this app is an excellent tool for homeowners who want to improve the appearance of their bathrooms.

Bathroom Design App:

Another popular application, Bathroom Design App, lets you redesign an existing bathroom. It features over 40 million users and a variety of bathroom design projects. With its built-in drafting tools and ready-to-use bathroom ideas, it can bring your dream bathroom to life in under an hour. And with an app, you can even purchase products that you like! You can even get exciting discounts and special offers. So, if you’re planning to remodel your bathroom shortly, why not use the technology to make it a lot easier?

The Villeroy&Boch:

The Villeroy&Boch Planner app is another useful application for bathroom design. This application was created by a ceramic products company that offers free digital bathroom design services. You can virtually plan your bathroom and choose the right ceramic products using the application’s virtual planning and implementation features. All the products are included, and you can download them free of charge. The app’s free trial is a great way to test a new bathroom design app.


Reece is another free app for bathroom design. It lets you design a 3D model of your bathroom, allowing you to add features and accessories. It also allows you to change dimensions and toggle the visibility of objects to see how everything will fit together. Using Reece, you can create a realistic 3D image in a couple of hours. In addition to creating a 3D model, you can share the design with other people to make alterations and refine the design.

Virtual Bathroom Planner:

It is another free app for bathroom design; this one allows you to create two and three-dimensional bathroom plans. You can tweak the 2D design and convert it to 3D, or even use the 3D model to furnish the floorplan. The best part is that Virtual Bathroom Planner has a comprehensive library of materials and accessories to help you make your dream bathroom. It is available on both iOS and Android.

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