Top 4 Tips to Identify the Best ServiceNow Service Management Partners

ServiceNow Service has become the go to solution for every IT operation and application development needs. However, lack of a proper infrastructure, ServiceNow management complexities, and budgetary constraints have discouraged enterprises from availing the benefits of this revolutionary SaaS cloud platform. This has led enterprises to move towards third-party experts for an efficient ServiceNow Service Management. Here’s looking at the top 4 tips to identify the best ServiceNow service partners: 

Check for the right partner mindset– The ServiceNow platform is much more than a plug and play tool that solves just the current problem at hand. Its open architecture allows it to readily adapt to the digital innovations introduced into an organization’s IT ecosystem. Therefore, an enterprise must seek to partner with a third-part expert who aims at driving an organization’s digital excellence. The partner is expected to leverage the ServiceNow tool to its full potential to close any gaps in the ITSM and IWMS on a regular basis. An expert partner should be able to use the tool’s core features to an organization’s every need.

Ability to plan properly and plan ahead– A service provider’s strategic planning ability is the key to a successful ServiceNow platform implementation. This involves setting the KPIs and business outcomes for the partnering organization. Ideally, a service partner should focus on the limitations and capabilities of a client’s IT ecosystem before drawing a ServiceNow implementation plan. After the implementation, the partner must plan ahead as to how to upkeep the client’s IT infrastructure flexibility to adapt to the digital inroads. The partner should be able to devise a plan for an enterprise wide ServiceNow tool implementation as well as implementing across individual department.

Ability to train on the tool– The partnering service provider should be able to provide training to the client’s employees. However, the duty does not end here. An expert ServiceNow partner should be able to educate on the business benefits of the cloud computing platform to encourage adoption. They should be able to provide a department-specific proper explanation on the tool benefits. For instance, the partner should train and separately explain the tool benefits to the IT Business Management, IT Service Management, Customer Service Management, and so on.

Size of the service provider– There are companies who provide ServiceNow services among many other solutions. They have a rich repository of resources and have an integrity among their customer bases. There is another set of vendors who dedicate their resources only towards providing efficient ServiceNow services. Clients must make a careful choice between these two groups of vendors. The clear benefit of partnering with the first group is they have a proven service quality. It will be easy to know their service track record from their client base. The second set of vendors are expected to walk that extra mile of customizing their service delivery in accordance with their clients’ needs. 


No matter who an enterprise chooses as their service provider, the partnership will fall flat if it is not in tune with their organizational needs. An enterprise must evaluate their long-term and short-term needs and assess their budgetary constraints before finalizing the partnership. It is critical for an enterprise to ensure that the ROI is greater than the money they putting into the wallet of their ServiceNow Services provider.

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