Tips to Help Avoid a Car Accident During the Winter

With the arrival of winter conditions and weather, it is a good idea for drivers to be mindful of the hazards that come with the weather and conditions it brings. Driving in severe weather presents a lot of obstacles, and it’s imperative to remember that even if you’re driving as safely as possible, accidents can happen anytime and it isn’t always your fault.

You can always lower your chances of getting into an accident this winter by following some of the tips we outline in this article.

Remember that even if you follow all the tips given, you may get into an accident anyway. When this happens, be prepared by having the number of Toms River, NJ car crash injury lawyers or car crash injury lawyers in Jersey City. Legal help is important.

Is Your Vehicle In Good Working Order?

Make sure your car is repaired and it is in good working order, from the life left on your tires to your brakes. This will ensure that you won’t endure any extra hardships while driving in cold weather. Also while you’re in cold or snowy climates, keep a scraper and a brush in your car, alongside a shovel. These items should be placed within the main area of the car, because if the trunk freezes, you may not be able to access them.

Other items to keep on hand include emergency essentials like a flashlight along with extra batteries, jumper cables, some flares, and blankets to name a few.

Did You Check the News For Weather and Traffic Reports?


It’s always a good practice to check local reports for both traffic and weather before departing on a trip or even a daily commute. You don’t want to be caught in traffic for an extended time period, especially if the weather is worsening. If you see that the weather is extreme, you may consider remaining at home until the weather passes.

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Never Drive Beyond Your Skills.

While it’s always a good idea to drive within your skills on the road, it’s even more crucial if the weather is getting worse. This means that if you have no experience driving in snow, you may want to practice first. Maybe attempt to drive in your neighborhood before heading out onto a crowded highway.

If you are simply not comfortable, it’s always a safe bet to wait it out instead.

Leave Enough Space Between You and Other Drivers.

When driving in the snow, slow down earlier and brake softly when you need to stop. If you slam on the gas or the brake, you may lose control and slide off the road or into someone or something.

You should always allow plenty of room between your car and the one driving in front of you. This will not only increase your stopping distance, but it will also offer you more time to react swiftly if there is an emergency.

Stay Alert of Other Drivers.

While you can do your best to drive as safely as possible, you cannot protect yourself against the possibility of someone else making bad judgments on the road you are sharing. Because of this factor, always be on the alert for risky drivers while driving, especially during the winter season.

If you observe someone driving carelessly or someone that is preoccupied, drive safely and try to stay away from them.

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