Tips on Buying Quality Air Compressors in Kenya

The following article looks at the factors to put into consideration before purchasing an air compressor in Kenya. The report seeks to make it easier for buyers to purchase quality air compressors that will last long. It discusses the factors each buyer should look at before buying the machine.

An air compressor converts power to potential energy. Conversion of the power is done using an engine or an electric motor. The devices have a lot uses. They are used to fill tires, driving pneumatic control systems, filling gas cylinders, and powering pneumatic tools like jackhammers. Air compressors are either rotary screw, rotary vane or reciprocating piston model.

Reciprocating, scroll and rotary screw are preferred for medium and small sized applications. For large applications, centrifugal air compressors are preferred. The following are some of the factors to consider before buying the machine.


The horsepower rating is a good way to determine the right compressor size for you. However, marketing people are exaggerating the horsepower ratings to sell more air compressors. Differentiating between an overrated and real HP can be done by looking at the horsepower required to run. For example, a legit 5HP draws 24 amps from a 220V circuit while overrated run on low powered circuits.

Air pressure

Air pressure is rated in PSI. Most air compressors run properly at 90 PSI, but maintaining the air pressure requires a device which has a high shut-off pressure. Air compressor price in Kenya is affected by air pressure. Most industrial compressors are built to shut-off the pressure in two stages. First stage is 90 PSI while second is 175 PSI. Smaller compressors shut-off at around 125 – 135 PSI.

Tank size

The tanks are used to store air.  A larger tank ensures that the air will not run out. The tank size is measured in gallons. However, a larger tank reduces portability of the compressor. If one only makes use of air intermittently, one can save some money by obtaining a small compressor fitted with a big tank. The tank size does not affect running time of an air compressor.


For air tools especially a belt driven air compressor to keep going, they need a certain amount of air. The volume is measured in cubic feet per minute or CFM. An air compressor may have different CFM ratings for different pressures. However, the rating that affects air compressor price in Kenya is at 90 PSI. This is the most important as it is the pressure needed to run many air compressors. At 90 PSI, 3 – 4 CFM is recommended.

Duty cycle

The duty cycle is the minutes a compressor can run over a period of ten minutes and is given in terms of percentage. Industrial compressors generally have a 75% rating while others can reach up to a 100% duty cycle. It is advisable to get an air compressor with a higher rating as it offers a better duty cycle.


While buying an air compressor, they are certain factors you should consider. It is not recommended to buy the cheapest option available. Some devices are exaggerated and do not deliver what they promise. The life expectancy and warranty of the compressor should also be put into consideration before buying. Check more information, check  compressor machine price in Kenya.

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