Things About Dogs That You Never Heard Of!

Dogs have many hidden traits that might be unknown to even the most prominent dog loyalists. Below noted are fun canine facts – some will heighten your admiration for a human’s best buddy, and others will leave you even more curious!

Oh yes, your dog can get jealous!

According to research performed by Californian scientists, puppies can experience jealousy. The test was conducted on 36 dogs belonging to 14 specific breeds. First, the dog’s dad and mum were made to ignore their pets. Post this, reactions of these dogs were assessed, and it was seen that all dogs had been unaffected by the aid of their proprietors’ dismissal. Later, the pet-parents were made to bathe in love with a different dog. After this, the puppies were seen growling and snapping, and their conduct indeed depicted jealousy.

Dogs pay attention to the time!

An observation published in Animal Behavior Science talks about how, while dogs are left alone for a very long time, they greet their proprietors extra intensely upon being united. Canines can sense how much time has passed by. Dogs also can comply with a fixed routine of time for supper, as they become familiar with their masters’ daily regimen.

Dogs are not colour blind!

Dogs can see variations in color, but in a limited manner, vis-à-vis humans. They can see more than black and white. Dogs have two cones in the eyes that help them pick out colors on a blue and yellow scale. Cones are cells that capture light entering the eyes and discover colour wavelengths.

Dogs have dreams!

Ever noticed your dog trembling or moaning in its sleep? It is nothing but a reaction to a dream. Dogs dream just like humans because of identical electrical sequences and similar mind wave patterns experienced through sleep.

Dogs can fall in love!

Professor at Claremont Graduate University in California, Mr. Paul Zak, discovered that the dog brain releases oxytocin while interacting with different people and dogs. Oxytocin is likewise called the affection/bonding hormone. For example, this hormone surges within the brains of people once they hug someone. This physiological reaction strengthens the bond between mothers and their babies and gives upward push to motherly instincts and concerns.

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