These are the advantages of having a smart home, is it worth it?

Little by little, home automation is more present in people’s homes such as Smart Home System Singapore, covering a lot of functions related to comfort, leisure, and productivity and with benefits for health and well-being. With all this, more and more people are wondering how home automation can affect them, and whether it is a good idea to do so. Therefore, we are going to see some of the advantages that we will have if we decide to install this type of device.

Advantages of home automation for your home

Home automation allows us to facilitate the management of houses in certain functions and household tasks, through smart devices. They allow us to control the light, the air conditioning, certain aspects of cleaning, personal care, entertainment, and even to keep the garden clean and tidy. All this is becoming more accessible because the prices of the devices are within the reach of more and more people. But what benefits can home automation give us?

  • Energy saving

It is one of the aspects that may interest the most today, due to the large increase in electricity prices. Through home automation, we can manage things such as electricity, water and gas services, to try to save so that the electricity bill does not become a problem. This happens because many times the use we give to the devices is not the most appropriate.

With some smart devices, we can control and program almost any device that we have plugged in at home so that they will only work when necessary. This can help generate savings of around 80%, as long as it is applied to everything that depends on a plug in our house.

  • Comfort

This is one of the greatest advantages that we can find in home automation, and many times we think of this as reducing household chores. This can contribute to greater well-being or the time we have throughout the day can be used optimally, leaving minor tasks to these devices.

The most common are cleaning devices, such as robot vacuum cleaners, which can be programmed so that from time to time they make a pass cleaning the floor. Kitchen robots to program when we want to have the food ready, or a virtual assistant to be able to tell it what we need to buy and have it make a shopping list for us on our mobile.

  • Security

Security systems are increasingly present in our smart home, and they can do it in many different ways and not only in what refers to the house but also in what it contains. With intelligent security systems, we can control unauthorized access, or generate alerts to police services, emergencies or specified contacts.

To do this, we can install cameras, microphones, lights or motion sensors, all designed so that if a problem appears or something that shouldn’t happen, we have the house insured as much as possible.

  • Communication

This can also go hand in hand with comfort since having the house fully controlled from a mobile device without having to be in it can bring many benefits. Such as programming the heating so that when we arrive, we have a suitable temperature, programming the kitchen robot, or creating communication systems within the home.

All this can be done both with mobiles and by programming voice commands in the assistants, these assistants such as Alexa, Google or Siri can be installed directly on smartphones.

  • Health

Home automation and health can go hand in hand since they can help us in many different aspects, and with a variety of devices. Although we normally think of facilities for the elderly, we can also install devices that help all the inhabitants of a house.

In recent times, with teleworking more implemented than ever, it can help us create healthier workspaces where the lighting is adequate for our eyesight depending on the time of day. Or air purification systems so that the environment does not get too loaded.

As you can see, home automation can benefit us in many different ways in our day to day, and it is foreseeable that this will increase over the years, the development of current technology, and the appearance of a new one that will surely cover new needs.

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